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Broadside ballad concerning the incompetence of politicians


TUnE?Laird o' Cockpen.
OH ! hae yo heard o' an unprincipled squad
That got into our Council!? Whig, Tory, and Rad.
I'm wae for the lads; oh ! my heart it is sair
To see some wise callants sae shameless and bare !
There, first, Chimpanzee, but some ca' him Baboon,
(By my troth, but the Tories hae made him buffoon);
He lives in a Forest, sae stunted and sma',
Au' every year dreads the approach o' the snaw.
For the lads o' a college in Edinbro' sae grand
Ance pelted this monkey wi' snaw and wi' sand,
The creature got frighted, and danced round about,
Crying, " Oh that my mither but kent I was out I"

There's Sandy M'A-----y, sae empty and proud,

At whom the First Ward fired their cannon sae loud ;

But Sandy's a tower?let your guns at ance cease-.

An' a riotous member o' Edinbro' Police.

Next comes in the raw?but my heart it is quakin'?

The Lord Dean o' Guild, the right worshipful A------nl

Wha, like frien' M'A-----y, has stood in the breach,

And telt a' the Guildry to hang, or go preach.
Our Sam is a lad o' right mettle and power,
And even is thought so by some till this hour,
Sour grapes he did swallow, which did him some ill,

But M-----r avers 'twas a vile bitter pill.

But enough o' our Dean, to D-----e wi' speed,

Wha has " done wi' his friends" in truth and in deed ;
For three upon ane, ye ken, isna fair play,

And D-----n has sided against him that day.

But haud yet awee, wha is this that now comes !
'Tis Judas, the Bailie; " sound trumpets and drums !"
He's pledged to baith parties ; but that's nought ava',
Tho' last 'mang the pack, he's no least in the raw.
O Adam, dear Adam, my pledge I gied ye,
But you, as Lord Provost, I doubt I'll no see ;
I'll tak' back my pledge, my auld worthy frien' :
Fool! he thocht he was dealing wi' ane Adam Green.
Frisn' Judas, says Adam, your pledge I hae got,

An' wi' honour ye canna be aff frae the vote,

Come, tip me your darby, gie Jamie the sack,

And manfully vote for your frien' Adam Black !

It can do ye nae guid, quoth Judas, sae brisk,

And Adam, my frien', I run a great risk ;?

My maps fur the Kirk,?you may draw the conclusion,

Should I vote 'gainst her Idol and God, Non-Intrusion.

At the voting that day, Judas thocht to himsel',

For neither I'll vote, I'll just keep mysel',

For Ramsay's red gown looks real decent and clean,

And then I'll be match wi' my frien' the Lord Dean.

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1860   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(6a)
Broadside ballad concerning the incompetence of politicians
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