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Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Year'




TUNE?Laird of Cockpen.

CHORUS.         { And now we're to enter another New Year,
                { When little is thought on but whisky and beer;
                { When father and mither, and a' may get daft,
                { But naebody gains but the change-keeper craft.

To get drunk at Nairday is counted nae sin,
Although that your neighbours be leading you blin' ,
For wasting of money there's naebody cares;                  
They run and they'll roar like the Russian bears.
                        And now we've enter'd, &c.

A drap in the bottle it is their whole care,
And the sending o't roun' through the friends that are there
And when they get heady, their friends 'comes their foes.
And they show them their love by unmerciful blows.
                        And now we have entered, &c.

The cares of the world are forgot for the time,
And they row in the mud like a parcel of swine.
They say its to honour their maker above,
And all this rejoicing, to shew him their love.
                        And now we have entered &c.

The drinking of healths, and the hooching and noise,
It cheers up the hearts of young haffling boys ;
A practice that's handed from father to son,
But better for thousands it ne'er had begun.
                        And now we have entered, &c.

There's some of the clergy, we have to lament,
From Heaven for Teachers profess to be sent,
Fall short of their mission, although they're the guidges,
And use all their influence on the wrong side,
                        And now we have entered &c.

Old Satan rejoices as well as the rest,
For that is the time that his harvest is best.
They'll drink and they'll swear till their money is done,
The laird and the grocer fall short by their fun.
                        And now we have entered, &c.

Laymen and clergy must all join in one,
And never let Satan's cup into ther han';
Away with such customs, nor Mind them no more,
And banish, intemperance far from our shore.
                        And now we have entered, &c.


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Probable period of publication: 1860-1890   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(104)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Year'
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