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Broadside entitled 'Lines on the Terrific Explosion at Moss End'


Lines on the

Terrific Explosion



Good people all now give attention,
Young and old of each degree.
A sad and dismal tale you'll hear,
If you will listen unto me.
Of that eqplosion so appalling,
Which happened at Moss End of late
Where ten of our fellow creatures
Met their sad untimely fate,

Widows and orphans are left mourning
With aded parents and many a friend
For the fate of those who lost their lives
By that explosion at Moss End.

On the eigth of April, sixty-three,
In the morning about two o'clock
The endine boilers, five in number.
Exploded with a fearful shock.
With for force they flew in all directions
The brickswere thrown like hail arond
The dreadful scene it was heart-rending
When the dead & dying they were found

Though all around were wrapt in slum.
ber,                                     (bed,
That shock aroused them from their
Men women & children, wild & frantic,
To Moss End ironworks they fled,
Fathers & mothers, widows & orphans,
Brothers and sisters too were there,
Enquiring for their dear relations,
While their cries did rend the air.

At length the dead, likewise the dying,
To their homes the did convey,
The cries of women were heart-rending
As each body was borne away.
Oh what a scene of griff and mourning
Por the friends they lost so dear.
Who little thought that fatal morning,
Death or danger was so near.

Charles Carroll and Peter Tracey,
William Douglas & James Mulheron
John Duncan & likewise John Treman
For their fate their friends does mourn
And Joseph Swift has left a widow
With eleven children we do hear
Poor orphans they are left lamenting,
For their kind and loving father dear

All mankind knows that life's uncertain
To us mortals here below
Thus without a moment's warning [low
In health and strength they were laid
May he that rules on high protect us
And to the friendless prove a friend
And   sooth the hearts of those now
mourning,                              End
For the friends they have lost at Moss

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Probable period of publication: 1850-1870   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(069)
Broadside entitled 'Lines on the Terrific Explosion at Moss End'
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