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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Oul' Bog Hole'


The Oul' Bog Hole.

AIR?"Old Zipcoon."

The pig is in the mire, and the cow is on the grass,
And a man without a woman is no better than an ass;
My mother likes her ducks, and the ducks like the drake,
And sweet Judy Flannigan I'd die for her sake.
My Judy she's as fair as the flower on the lea,
She's neat and complete from the neck to the knee,
We met 'tother night our hearts to condole,
And I sate Judy down by the Oul' Bog hole.

Singing cushla mavourneen, will you marry me,
Arrah cushla mavourneen, will you marry me,
Arrah cushla mavourneen, will you marry me,
Would you fancy the bouncing young Barney Magee.

Then Judy she blushed and hung down her head,
Saying Barney you blackguard I'd like to get wed;
But they say you're so rough, and you are such a rake?
Don't believe it says I, for its all a mistake;
To keep you genteel I'll work at my trade,
I'll handle the shovel the hook and the spade;
The turf to procure which is better than coal;
And I'll work to my knees in the Oul' Bog Hole.
                        Singing cushla, &c.

Arrah, give me your hand, and consent just at once,      
Sure It's not every day you will get such a chance
When the priest makes us one, how happy I'll be,
With the beautiful, dutiful, Mrs Magee.
Tho' the meal should be scarce we'll have praties enough,
And if you think long for more delicate stuff,
I'll take out the ould rod which my grandfather stole,
And I'll go out a fishing in the Oul' Bog Hole.
                        Singing cushla, &c.

Fine children we'll have, for we must mind that,
They'll be Darby, and Barney, and Dennis, and Pat;
They'll be Judy so meek, and Mary so bluff?
O stop! stop! she cried, have you not got enough?
I have not says I, sure I'll not be content,
Till you bring home as many as there's days in the Lent;
How the neighbours will stare when we go for a stroll,
When we all promenade sound the Cul' Bog Hole.
                        Singing cushla, &c.

By the hoky ! says she, I can scarcely refuse,
For Barney the blarney you know how to use ;
You've bothered my heart with the picture you've drawn,
If I thought I could trust you the job might be done !
Holy Murther ! says I, do you doubt what I say ?
If I thought twould convince you I'd swear half a day;
O no, she replied, its of no use at all,
Then she whispered consent by the the Oul' Bog Hole.

Then give me a kiss, my joy and delight!
Be easy, you blackguard, until it's all right:
Sure, after we're wed we may kiss and condole,
And fish for the eels in the Oul' Bog Hole.

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Probable period of publication: 1850-1870   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(067)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Oul' Bog Hole'
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