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Broadside entitled 'Answer to Ladies Crinolines'




Ladies Crinolines.

Come all you young ladies and listen awhile,
I'll sing you a song that will cause you to smile,
Concerning the chaps that are cutting in fine,
And getting up a song about our crinoline.

What is it to them what dress we wear,
When we go to the race-course, the kirk or the fair,
They are impudent fellow, and they're nothing less,
That would interfere with a young ladies dress.

Sammie the borber, and Wattie the clerk,    (smart,
And the young counter-jumpers that think themselves
The Printers (!) the joiners, and all the black squad,
About our crinolies are all running mad.

If you see those young fellows as they cut a dash,
With a thing on their lips which they call a moustache,
And into their mouth stuck a penny cigar,   (the war,
To make you believe they're captains just home from

There on the street, if you keep a look out,
You'll see the young swells all strutting about,
With an old spec eye they are quizzing so fine,
At all the young ladies that wear crinoline.

On Saturday night you will see the young buck,
With a five shilling watch in his vest pocket stuck,
And round about his neck he has got a gold guard,
That was bout on the street from old Penny-a-yard.   

In a neat little village not far from this town,
A fine pleasent party to dinner sat down,
When all things were right and they seemed content,
Till one of the gents went away in a faint.

They opened his breast up to give him some air,
And lo! and behold you, what did they see there,
Instead of a shirt to cover his skin,
He had nought but a doorkey tied under his cin

Our learned predecessors they all declare,
That people can't live without plenty of air
Tis a sanitary rule I'd have you to note,
Is the cause of the hoop in the petticoat.

We have taken the lead in adopting the plan,
To keep ourselves airy and free as we can,
Of all silly fellows and plaguy fools,
And foppish young dandies new home from the schools.

Now all you young ladies I pray you beware,
Of all the young men that would you ensnare;
For when you discard them by word or by note,
They'll declare they've been hooped by your petticoat.

Since the war about fashion these chaps did commence.
It's young ladies will show them we know how to fence;
Oh, we'll stand to our hoops and laugh at the fun,
To see how the boobies and bach'lors will run.

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Probable period of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(060)
Broadside entitled 'Answer to Ladies Crinolines'
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