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Broadside entitled 'The Battle of Trafalgar'



Battle of


On the 21st of October in Trafalgar bay we lay,
The combined fleets of France and Spain a leaving off we lay,
We cleared away for action like Britons stout and bold,
Resolving if we came up with them we would not be controlled.
The victory led the weather line with Lord Nelson stout and good,
The Sovereign led the lee line with Admiral Collingwood,
Lord Nelson had the victory the victory by name,
Lord Nelson was the commander-in-chief and monarch on the main.

Early in the action Lord Nelson received a shot,
Which proved to be his death wound, in the quarter deck he dropped,
Fight on fight on like Britons, bold Lord Nelson he did say,
Fight on my gallant heroes you are sure to gain the day,
It's of the Demerara so boldly she did fight.                               flight.
She had both French and Spanish ships on her she soon put them to
Three times they strove to board her but it was all in vain,
Though many a gallant hero upon her deck was slain.

Bold Captain Duff was killed belonging to the Mars,
Though boldly he did fight and all his British tars,
The Neptune and the Conqueror they made their cannons roar,
They took the French commander-in-chief likewise the four-decker,
The commander of this combined fleet was admiral Valenier,
Was taken by the conqueror commanded by captain Pellow,
In the middle of the action where balls so quick did fly,
Our Captain cries cheer up my boys we'll conquer or we'll die,

Fire hours this battle lasted while can'sons loud did roar,
Resolved to die or conquer near to the Spanish shore,
For to defeud our country in hanour of our crown,
We did disperse this combined fleet just as the sun went down.
This action being over a gale of wind came on,
We found it was impossible to bring our prizes oome,
Twelve we sunk, three we burned, and four we got safe moored,
Into the port of Cadiz boys we'll never go no more.

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Probable period of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(057)
Broadside entitled 'The Battle of Trafalgar'
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