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Broadside entitled 'A New Song on Reform'




Oh ! Reform now it is the rage,
Wherever you may go;
Mr. Bright now of the present age,
The seed began to sow.
But the reform that we do want,
I'll tell you in a short while ;
And before you've heard my song quite out,
It will cause you to give a smile.

So good people all, on you I call,
And mark what I do say ;
For I'm sure Reform is wanted much,
Just at the present day.

To Reform all the grocers,
I think you will agree,
That mixes sand with sugar.
And sloe leaves among their tea.
To Reform the millers and bakers,
I think it is but right,
Who adulterates our meal and flour.
And cheats us in our weight

For to Reform the butchers, too.
I'm sure we must begin,
Who sells us horse's flesh for beef,
And think it is no sin,
And to Reform the milk men,
The women often talk;
For instead of selling of pure milk,    .
It is water mixed with chalk.

And the tailors all from cabbaging,
We quickly must Reform ;
And we must Reform all scolding wives,
That at their husbands storm.
We must Reform the publicans,
The shebeen shops, likewise;
And we must Reform with sixty days,
Men that give their wives black eyes.

For to Reform the foppish gents,
I think it is but fair;
For they frighten all the children.
As their face is covered with hair.
For to Reform the ladies, too,
I nearly had forgot;
By leaving off that bulky thing,
Hoops in the petticoat.

We must Reform the bachelors,
Likewise the old maids, too ;
To live single above fifty years,
You know it will not do.
The mill lasses, too, we must Reform,
I think it is but wise;
For by stopping out so late at night,
In the morn are loth to rise.

For to Reform Lord Derby's bill,
The people has in view;
For all the country round about,
They see it will not do.
His bill may be read the third time,
If he sends to the Savings Banks all round.
And deposits for one and all the poor,
The sum of Sixty Pounds!

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Probable period of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(056)
Broadside entitled 'A New Song on Reform'
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