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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Lover's Discussion'


The Lover's Discussion.

As I walked out one evening in the month of May,
The flowers they were springing the lambs did sport and play;
I heard a couple talking, as they walked hand in hand;
For to hear their conversation I eagerly did stand.

John says, I am a Roman Catholic, that ne'er denied my faith,
He says I am a Heretic, being of the Saxon race;
To hear how they performed I listened in a bush,
He says to her my charmer I thought I had my wish.

She says to him dear Johnny, tell me what do you mean,
That I will dear Nancy, and soon to you explain ;
To become a Roman Catholic as I now describe,
For I fear you are a Heretic that never was baptized.

Nancy in a passion flew, and this to him did say,
If you say I'm a Heretic young man, you may go your way,
for I am as loyal to my church, as you are to your creed,
So therefore be contented I am of the proper seed.

How can you say said, Johnny, you are of the proper seed,
That sprung from Bess and Harry, who enacted wicked deeds ;
It was Luther's Reformation that left yon in the lurch,
Fordon't you know he was a Friar that faulted from our Church.

Nancy being quite angry which was not my desire,
She to him said, dear Johnny, I know he was a Friar;
He said the Roman creed was wrong, and that he was going astray.
Until an angel of the Lord had taught him the right way.

Your creed do worship images, and that is but little faith,
We adore no graven images of either white or black;
We adore no graven images of either red or blue,
But we keep it dear within our mind of what the Lord went through,

Your Creed do worship images and very much admire,
The same are in your Testament, don't say that I'm a liar;
The Unicorn and the Lion just, like two fighting bulls
Across the table of the law, boy Martin for John Bull.

Those dukes and officers, I tell you my dear,
That go before her Majesty, they do salute her chair.
Is that chair to be compared to the shepherd and his flock,
We have in our Holy Church built on St Peter's rock.

Don't talk to me about Peter, he had but little faith
He had denied his Master, the truth for to relate;
He had denied his Master, one night among the Jews,
so Johnny go no farther, his power's of little use.

Peter denied his Master, I'll tell you the reason why,
Our Lord himself foretold it, he never told a lie;
When Peter saw what he had done, he went and wept fall sore;
He has the Keys of Heaven, and will for evermore.

St. Peter was a Martyr, and died upon a tree
So did our blessed Saviour on the hill of Calvary;
So now my charming creature, I hope you will repent,
For I have ruled to you these reasons, from the blessed book of Trent.

Martin Luther did the same, there would be but one Creed,
He did the same as Judas did, as I presume indeed;
You may contradict me. and say I'm going too far,
For Luther sold the Holy Church, and fell a wicked star.

She says to him dear Johnny, if all yon say be true,
I see it is but folly to go so far with you;
I will forsake my former creed, though my friends will me disown,
And whilst I live I'll be content, and die in the Church of Rome.

Now to conclude and finish, the truth I will express
Unknown to friends and parents, one creed they do profess;
It she Was cruel-hearted at last she did resign,
so now she is converted, which was not her design.

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Probable period of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(053)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Lover's Discussion'
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