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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Old Arm Chair'




I love it, I love it, and who shall dare
To chide me for loving that old arm chair :
I've treasured it long as a noble prize,
I've bedewed it with tears, and embalmed it with sighs
'Tis bound by a thousand bands to my heart;
not a tie will break nor a link will start;
Would he learn the spell ? a mother sat there,
And a sacred thing is that old arm chair.

I sat and watched her many a day,
When her eye grew dim and her locks were gray;
And I almost blessed her when she smiled
And turned from her bible to bless her child ;
years rolled on, but the last one sped,
My idol was shattered, my earth star fled,
I learned how much the heart can bear,
When I saw her die in that old arm chair.

'Tis past ! 'tis past, but I gaze on it now
With quivering breath and throbbing brow ;
'Twas there she nursed me, 'twas there she died.
And memory flows with lava tide ;
Say it is folly and deem me weak,
While the scalding tears started down my cheek;
But I love it, I love it, and cannot tear
My soul from loving that old arm chair.

Sold by JAMES LINDSAY, Printer & Wholesal
Stationer, &c., 9 King Street, [off Trongate],
Glasgow. Upwards of 5000 sorts always on
hand : also, a great variety of Picture-Books,
Song-Books Histories, &c.   Shops and Hawkers
supplied on Liberal Terms.                                 
Handbills, Circulars, Invoices, Business & Fancy
Cards,   Large    Posting   Bills,   Society Article,
Pamphlets, and Letter-Press Printing of every do.
scription, neatly and expeditiously executed on
Moderate Terms.
Printing-Offics, 28 Neleen street, & 56 trangate .

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Probable date of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(022)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Old Arm Chair'
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