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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Massacre of Glencoe'




O ! dark lowr'd the night on the wild distant heath;
And the wild raven croak'd out the bodings of death ;
While the moon hid her beams in the clouds out o' woe,
Disdaining to gaze on the fields of Glencoe
While sweet balmy sleep closed each eye in rest,
And the chieftain he slumbered with peace in his breast,
Ne'er dreading the hour that fate seem'd to show,
That bloody and pale he should lie in Glencoe.

But a flash soon denoted the signal was given.
And the thunders of death wak'd the meteors of Heaven,
While Flora, poor Flora, she wandered in woe,
To seek for M' Donald the pride of Glencoe.
O ! sudden a flash on her vision did glare,
While a cannon's loud thunder was pealed through the air;
It awakened ten thousand brave heroes below,
And roar'd through the caverns ot mighty Glencoe.

The smoke then arose from our dear native glen,
With the shrieks of the women and cries of the men ;
Naked mother's were shot with their babes as they ran,
For the English had risen to murder the clan.
O! many a warrior that evening was slain,
While the blaze of the village gleam'd far o'er the plain,
Five hundred M'Donald's that night were laid low,
And their blood stained the heath of their native Glencoe.

Then Flora she shriek'd, while loose hung her hair,
O ! where is my Donald, 0 ! tell me, O where ;
The tempest's loud torrent o'er the mountain's do blow,
And stretched, cold and bloody he lies in Glencoe.
When a sigh of despair hen arose from her breast,
and memory soon told her he slumbered at rest:
He slumbers forever, now free from his woe,
And left his loved Flora, the pride of Glencoe.

Her dark rolling eyes then did kindle with fire,
She fell on his body, and then did expire ;
No more lovely Flora again fear her woe,
But in death found her Donald, the pride of Glencoe.
Now over their heads the green grass it does wave,
And the wild flowers do nod o'er their desolate graves ;   
And the strangers they pass, shed a tear as they go,
For Flora and Donald, the pride of Glencoe.

Sold by JAMES LINDSAY, Printer & Wholesale
stationer, &c., 9   King Street,   [off Trongate],
Glasgow. Upwards of 5000 sorts alwars on
hand : also, a great variety of Picture-Books,
song-Books, Histories, &c. Shops and Hawkers
supplied on Liberal Terms.
Handbills, Circulars. Invoices, Business A Fancy
Cards, Large Posting Bills, Society Articles,
Pamphlets, and Letter-Press Printing of every de-
scription, neatly and expeditiousy executed on
Woderate Terms.

Printing-Office, 28 Nelson Street, & 56 Trongate.


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Probable period of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(021)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Massacre of Glencoe'
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