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Broadside ballad entitled: 'The Young Emigrant's Farewell'




Will you gang awa' wi' me bonny lassio O,
Across th' Atlantic sea bonny lassio O,
        I wl'd take you to a land
        Where no tyrants do commond,
If you'll give to me your hand, bonny lassie O.

I canny gang wi' you bonny laddie O,
And leave my frineds so trao bonny laddie O.
        For my mammie she would cry,
        And my daddy he would sing
And o' grief they both would die bonny laddie O.

There is naething in this place bonny lassie O,
But want and sore distress bonny lassie O.
        For the children of the poor,
        Must beg from door to door,
Such secner I can't endure bonny lassie O.

Your story is to true bonny laddie O,
And is known to more than you bonny laddie O.
        For the face of young and old,
        Does the naked truth unfold,
There's nolie in what you've told bonny laddie O.

But kind death shall set them free bonny lassie O,
Like November's leafless tree bonny lassio O,
        On their graves the grass will grow,
        That felt so much of woe,
While travelling here below, bonny lassie O.

Now you cut me to the heart bonny lassie O,
My father's empty house bonny laddie O,
        It often makes me sigh,
        On the pillow where I lie,
With the salt tear in my eye bonny laddie O.

Let us drop this mournful tale bonny lassie O,
And in some vossel sail bo bonny lassie O,
        To America we'll go,
        Far from seenas of want or wos,
Where our tears no more shall flow bonny lassie O.

Now with you I'll gang awa', bonny laddie O,
And leave my kindred a bonny laddie O,
        Then through the world wido,
        I will travel by your side.
And bide farewell to Clyde, bonny laddie O.

M'Intosh, Printer, 96 King St. Calton.

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Probable date published: 1849   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(017)
Broadside ballad entitled: 'The Young Emigrant's Farewell'
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