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Broadside entitled 'The Lament of Mr Taylor'


The Lament



For his wife and daughter, who were
cruelly poisened by the daughters hus-


Who is now lying under sentence of
death, in the Prison of Glasgow to be
executed on the 28th July, 1865,

As I was walking one evening of late,
A Reverend old man I chanced for to meet;
His name was Micheal Taylor I must let you know,
But his fate was overshadowed with great grief and woe.

He said there was once I could happiness find.
My wife and my children were loving and kind ;
Dr. Pritohard he came with his false word and smile,
And my daughter's heart won by his deluding wiles.

Alas ! we ne'er thought that for a few pounds sake,
He would poison my wife and my daughters life take,
For we thought he was generous loving and kind,
To his false heart and conduct, alas ! we were blind.

It was woefull to see my poor wife day by day ebb,
Through effects of the poison her life wore away ;
The Doctor hard hearted did calmly look on,
And we never suspected the cause of her pain,

But he was not content with taking one life,
For the hard- hearted Doctor next poisoned his wife ;
The thoughts of foul play at length flashed on our mind
They opened the bodies and poison did find,

He was then apprehended and tried in July,
And for these cruel murders condemed for to die;
For my wife and my daughter I am now left to mourn,
For alas! to my heart they will never return.

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Date of publication: 1865   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(127a)
Broadside entitled 'The Lament of Mr Taylor'
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