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Broadside entitled 'Glasgow Trials'



WEDNESDAY, April 26, 1843.

The Circuit Court of justiciary was opened here to-day, Wednesday -
Lords Meadowbank and Cockkurn Judges; David Milne, Esq.Advocate
Depute. The Lord Provost and other civic functionaries, accompanied by
a party of the l2th Lancers, and a body of policemen, under the direc-
tion of Captain Miller, met their Lordships on the Garscube road near the
Round Toll, abont nine o'clock, and escorted them in procession first, to
Carrick's Royal Hotel, George Square, and then, from thence to the Court
House. - The Court was Constituted by prayer, by the Rev. Mr M'Letchie
of Blackfriar's Church ; after which the Court proceeded to the trial of

John M'Granachan, theft, Greenock.   7 year's transportation
Elizabeth, Brodie, theft, Gr enock    18 month's imprisonment
William Osborne and Felix Graham, theft from Paisley, by housebreaking
Not proven                                                
John Cook and Bernard Shields theft. by housebreaking, and James
Reid and William Whitelaw, reset and theft. The two former sen enced
to 7 year's transportation, and the two la ter to 12 month's imprisonment
John M'Bryde, servant with John Mason, farmer at Bulloch's-mill, Ruth-
erglen, was accused of the crime of murder or capable homicide in so far
as on the 23 d o December, 1842 ,he did, with a loaded gun, shoot John
Allan, labourer Havannah street. Glasgow, in a potatoe field, near Ruth-
erglen whereby he was deprived of life. He pleaded guilty to the crime
of culpable homicide. Sentence postponed
John M'Leod, theft, with aggravations    7 year's transportation         
William Walker, theft    7 year's transportation
Patrick Curran or Cairns, theft.    2 year's imprisomnent
William Baxter and Thomas Scott. two boys   theft, by housebreaking.
The former 7 year's ,transportation the latter 12 month's imprisonment
Charles O'Brien, theft    2 year's imprisonment                        
Elizabeth Muir, theft.    7 year's transportation'
Hugh Hannah theft by stealing 14 dozen shawls, the property of Mr.
M Leod, manufacturer; from a hurley barrow in Virginia Street. 7 year's
The Court adjourned at six o'clock, till nine next morning.
The Court resumed this morning at nine-o'clock.
Archd. Mitchell and William Cairns housebreaking in Paisley. 2 year's,
John Blair and William Speedy, accused of sheep and cattle stealing,
Blair found guilty of both charge and Spe dy of stealing the cow but not
the sheep      They were sentenced to 7 year's transportation
John Gibson, 'carter, thheft    7 year's transportation
William Robertson Christina Robertson   Margaret M'Callum or Robert-
son, and Mary Murray, theft    William Robertson and Chris ina Robert-
son sentenced to 7 year's transportation. Margaret Robertson 2 year's im-
prisonment and Mary Murray 18 month's imprisonment         
Janet M'Laren or M' rthur , uttering base coin. 7 year's transportation
Richard Caffery and Thos. Feahey, two private soldiers, Paisley, assault.
The Jury returned a verdict against Fahey, charge against Caffery proven
in part.    Sentence delayed                                                               
John Smith, embezzlement, Saltmarket 7 year's transportation
John M'Ca lum forgery. 12 month's imprisonment
William Watt, Theft by housebreaking.    Not guilty
John Cuthbertson and James M. Crae theft    7.year's transportation
John Anderson, John Boyle, and William M'Phee, housebreaking, Cam.
budge street    Anderson to year's transportation, M'Phee 12 month's im
prisounment, Boyle not proven                                          
Hugh Arrol, a boy, theft, London street. 2 year's imprisonment
John Madigan, uttering base coin.    18 month's imprisonment
Richard Caffery and Thomas Fahey.    Each 12 month's imprisonment
Michael Currie, theft.    Not Guilty                              
Samuel Baird, uttering base coin    7 year's transportation
William M' Neil, cutting and stabbing with a knife a girl in Greenock,
pled not gui ty after a long trial. Trial going 'on when we went to press.
Charles M'Kay, accused of the murder of his wife, in so far as he did,
on the morning of Sunday the 18th December,   1812, attack Catherine
M'Kechnie or M'Kay, his wife, in a house in the Old-Wynd , and stab her
With a large ham knife,and mortally wounded her, by which she died in
a short time afterwards, when a ter the examination of a number of wit-
nesses, he was found gu lty, and sentenced to be executed on Thursday
the 18th May, betwixt the hours of 8 and 10,

Muir, Printer, Glasgow .

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Date of publication: 1843   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(120)
Broadside entitled 'Glasgow Trials'
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