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Broadside entitled 'Glasgow Trials'




An account of the names and crimes of the different
prisoners who have been tried at the Spring Circuit,
Glasgow, where the Honourable the Lord Justice-
C'lerk and Lord Moncrieff presided- John Thomas
Gordon, E.sq , Advocate-Depute.

The Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened by the Hon. Lords Justice
Clerk. and Moncriff'?John thomas Gordon, Esq ; Advocate Depute?:
Their Lordships were escorted to the Star Inn, George Square;and from,
thence to the Court House, by a party of 'the First Dragoon Guards,and
a force of police, headed by the City Marshal, Captain Miller. About
half-past ten their Lordships took their seats upon the bench, when
principal Macfarlan opened the business of the circuit with an impressive


Mary Mills or Linten, for theft, &c., was sentenced to seven years'
Agnes Pollock for concea'ment of pregnancy, was sentenced to six
months' imprisonment.
Christion Thomson or M'Alpine,for theft, was transported for seven
Thomas Neil convicted of housebreaking and theft, was also sentenc-
ed to seven years' transportation.
D.M.Aulay, for theft was sentenced to seven years transportation,.
Thomas Donochie for the same offence, with less aggravation. was
sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment.
James Sweenie and James Graliam were sentenced, the former to 7
years transportation, and the latter to six months' imprisonment, for
theft of a six handkerchief.
Grace Wood was found guilty of steding a pocket-book and 70
from a gentleman with whom she had been m company. Sentence, 15
months' imprisonment.
The Court adjourned at seven o'clock.
THURSDAY,   April 22
Andrew Pollock, charged with assault was sentenced to one months'
in prisonment..
James Anderson, Wm. Anderson, Jean Anderrson, and George
Hutchison deforeing officers of the law. The three men were outlaw-
ed for non-appearance and the female was dismissed from the bar.
Alex. Campbell theft by housebreking and, previous eonviction, pled
guilty and as sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment.
W m Brown James Brown, Alex. Regan, and James    cuddy , theft by
housebreaking. The prisoners pled guilty. Wm and James Brown,
7 years' transportation , and Reggan and Cuddy nine months' imprison-
Margaret Stewart. theft ; seven years' transportation.
Andrew Haggart for breaking into, the warehouse of J. C.Henderson,
Argy I Street, Sentence, 7 years transportation.
John Develen pleaded guilty of assaulting James Brownlie, labourer,
on the Cambuslang road, near Stonefield three months imprisonment in
Hamilton jail,
Allan Connell, charged with culpable homicide, in haying driven a
noddy over a boy m Anderson was dismissed from, the bar.
John Buchanan, theft of a piece of   Turkey red cloth from a shop in,
elson street, was sentenced to seven years transportation.
Wm. Watson Cain charged with breaking into St. Andrew's Episcopal
Chapel, and stealing a number of, books,    He was found guilty and sen-
tenced, to transportation for ten years.
FR1DAY,   April 23.
Dennis Hart or Doolan patt or patrick Reddan or Redding or Read-
dan or Eagan or Aitken, and James Hickie, were charged with, the mur-
der of John Green, a ganger on the Glasgow and Edinburgh Railway,
near Bishopbridge, on the 10th December, 1841. Sixty-one witnesses
were cited in, this case. The prisoners pleaded not guilty, but after the
examination of witnesses, who proved the murder home to the panels,
they were sentenced to be Executed on Friday, 14th May, 1841. Hickie
was recommended to mercy.

We intend to publish a Full Report of the Trial of Doolan and
others, on Saturday, the 24th April, l841.Be careful to ask for the.
authentic Edition printed by " Muir, 49, Trongate, Glasgow"
                         Muir, Printer. Glasgow,

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Date of publication: 1841   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(119)
Broadside entitled 'Glasgow Trials'
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