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Broadside reporting two separate cases of rape, in Paisley and Edinburgh, 1830


Account of that Cruel and Horrid Rape which was perpetrated
by a Man on a Woman on the Paisley Road, on SATUR-
DAY, and who was apprehended by a passenger on the
Road, and is at present lying in Paisley Jail. Also, an account
of another Cruel Rape, which was committed on a Girl, only
thirteen years of age, by a Writers Clerk, in Cnmberland
Street, Edinburgh, on Monday last, and for which he is also
apprehended, and is now lying in Jail.

On Saturday evening, a most audacious and horrid affair took
place on the Paisley Road. As a woman was proceeding on
her way to Paisley, and when a few miles on the Road, she was
overtook by a man, who accompanied her but a short space, till
a favourable opportunity should occur that he might accomplish
his brutal design. On arriving at a part of the road, where
there was an open field, he forced the unprotected woman into
it, and in the most wanton and savage manner, commenced his
brutal attack upon the chastity of the woman, who struggled
hard with the unprincipled ruffian. Her tears and entreaties
had no effect upon this brutal and cowardly monster; he was
callous to every tender feeling, which should distinguish a man
from a brute. At length her cries were heard by a man who
was travelling the road, who hastened to the spot from whence
the voice proceeded, and found the woman in a most pitiful
situation, nearly worn out with the struggle she had made, and
she now lies in a very alarming state. The villain attempted
to make his escape, but was secured by the activity and cour-
age of the man who came to her rescue, and, with some assist-
ance, had him safely lodged in Paisley Jail, where an investiga-
tion is going on respecting this horrid and shameful affair.?
paisley, May 10th, 1830.

Another diabolical and cruel assault and rape was committed
on Monday evening, in a lodging-house in East Cumberland
Street, on a girl of 13 years of age, who was a servant in the
house. She accuses one of the lodgers, a writer's clerk, who
has, in consequence, been taken into custody, but strenuously
denied all knowledge of the crime. He has been examined by
the sheriff, and, we belive, committed to jail, till liberated in
due course of law. The poor girl, we understand, is very ill.
Edinburgh Mercury.

Serious crime is now increasing to an alarming extent, there be-
ing still two cases in Edinburgh, which are to be tried at Edin-
burgh in a short time; the one, the case of Stewart, the Police-
man and the other, the two carters, who committed murder,
rape, on the Edinburgh Road, near Gilmerton
and who behaved to the woman in such a shocking manner,
that modesty would blush and tremble at its recital.
                                                    W. Carse, Printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1830   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(111)
Broadside reporting two separate cases of rape, in Paisley and Edinburgh, 1830
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