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Broadsides concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow



A List of the TRIALS and SENTENCES of the various Prison-
ers who have appeared before the Circuit Court of Justiciary, which
opened at Glasgow on Monday the 21st Sep. 1829.

This day, the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here by the Right Hon, the Lords
Justice Clerk aud Moncreiff, when after a suitable Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Dewar, the follo w-
ing cases came before the court.

Hugh Glacken or Glachan. theft, pled guilty, 7 year, transportation.-
Archibald M'Phail, alias Campbell, alia ; M' Donald, housebreaking, pled guity, Sentenced
to 14 years transportation.

Arthur Hallons, or Highlands, theft, was found guilty, 14 years transportation.
David M'Learie, junior , pled guilty , sentenced to 7 years transportation,
Ann Sparrow for administering vitrol under the act 6th Geo. IV., chap. she was found
guilty, and Sentenced to be kept in prison, during all the period of her natural life.

William Harkins and   Henry Donachie, assult, Harkins pleaded guilty and Donachie was
outlawed for not appearing, Harkins was sentenced to 14 years transportation.
Jean Brisbane or Ruthersford, theft, she pleaded guilty, 7 years transportation.
Philip M'Guire, John Bain, Janet Turnbull and Margeret Gordon, the pannelspleaded
guilty, and were sentenced to 12 months in Bridewell.
James Cochrane and Rose Dougherty, they found guilty, 7 years transportation each.

Tuesday the Court met at 9 o'clock.

Elizabeth Haggarty or Greig, theft, pled gulilty, 6months in Bridewell.
Daniel Kelly, falsehood, fraud, &c. pled guilty, sentenced to 7years transportation.
Neil Kean or Cane, assult, pled guilty, Sentenced to 6 months imprisonment,
William   Miller, forgery, plended guilty,   Snntenced   to 14 years   transporatation..                                                                                                                        
John Devin and Francis Polin, weavers, and Sarah M'Kechnie or Devin, housebreaking was               
found guilty , Polin and Devin , for 14 years and M'Kechnie, 7 years transportation .                                       
John Craige, glazier, James Brown, labourer , and Robert stewart, weaver, Johnstone , were                     
charged with Stouthrief, and housebreaking , they were found guilty, and after a suitable ad-                     
dress by the Lord Justice Clerk, when Craig and Brown were sentenced to be executed in   
Paisley, between the hours of 12 and 4 on Thursdak the 29td day of October next.
Robert Storie, (formerly a Soldier, theft,) pled guilty , 7 years transportation.

                                                                            Carmichael & Graham, Printers.

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Date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(109)
Broadsides concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow
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