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Broadside entitled 'Glasgow Winter Assizes'


Glasgow Winter,


GLASGOW, 22d DECEMBER, 1828.?This day the EXTRA Assize was opened here
by the Hon. Lords Gillies and Alloway, and after the usual solemnities had been gone
through, the Court proceeded to business.

We understand that the trial of Edward Moore, for the murder of his wife at Stonelaw, near
Rutherglen, has been postponed for the present, in consequence of a principal witness having
been discovered, whose evidence will go far to establish the case for the prosecution.

Alexander M'Lean, for theft, was outlawed for not appearing.
Andrew Nimmo, for stealing several articles of wearing apparei from a washing house in
Paisley; pled guilty; 7 years transportation.
Robert Glen, for breaking into a warehouse in Dumbarton, and stealing some money there-
from, pled guilty; 7 years transportation.
John Williamson, for forging a letter of guarantee, pled guilty; 7 years transportation.
Robert Stevenson and John Templeton, for stealing two bee skeps, from a garden near
paisley. Templeton was outlawed, and Stevenson pled guilty; 9 months in Paisley bridewell.
Sarah Orrill Johnston or Sarah Orrill, for stealing a gallon of whisky and pewter measure
from a spirit cellar in Stockwell Street, pled guilty; 7 years transportation.
James Sproull and Charles Small, from Paisley, the former for theft and the latter for reset,
pled guilty; Sproull, 7 years transportation, and the latter 12 months in Paisley Bridewell.
Thomas M'Innally, for theft and habit and repute, pled guilty; 7 years transportation.
Peter Deavis, manufacturer, Paisley, for resetting a quantity of silk, was found guilty; 14
years transportation.
James Watt alias Keeky, for stealing a silver watch from a house in Calton, pled guilty; 7
years transportation.
Robert Hay, for assault, pled guilty; three months imrisonment in Glasgow Jail
Alexander Waddell, Sen., Alexander Waddell, Jun., and James Strathern, from Airdrie, for
apprehending a person of weak mind, pretending they had a warrant against him, stripping him
of his clothes, and dragging him to Airdrie lock up house, were found guilty. This case is to be
certified to the High Court of Justicrary.

TUESDAY.?The Court met this day at 10 o'clock.

James Masshall, for falsehood and forgery. The trial did not come on, but the diet was
continued against the prisonee.
John,M'Gowan, for stealing some fire irons from a shop in Saltmarkat, pled guilty; 14
years transportation.
John Ogilvie and Charles Rowan, for stealing some wrights' tools from a house in the Col-
lege buildings, were found guilty; Ogilvy 14 years transportation, and Rowan 7 years.
John,,Tweddel,from Paisley, for four different acts of house stealing, was next placed at the
bar. He first pled Guilty, and when told the libel could not be, restricted., he pled Not Guilty,
and again retracted his plea and pled Guilty. Several witnesses gave him an excellent charac-
ter, previous to the commission of these crimes, and he was unanimously recommended to mer-
ey. After a suaitable address from Lord Gillies, he was sentenced to be executed at Glasgow
on Wednesday the 4th day of February, between 8 and 10 in the morning.
He was also indicted for forgery, fraud, and imposition, but of course it will not be procee -
ed in. The prisoner had been at one time in a respectable situation in life. His father at one
period kept the head Inn in East Kilbride, but having been also indicted for forgery and fraud,
and having failed to appear he was outlawed.
John shaw, for breaking into the cabin of the William Huskisson steam boat, and staling a
silver watch, pled guilty; 7 years transportation.
David Harvie, for theft and habit and repute, pled guilty; 7 years transportation.
Alexander Robertson and John Murray, from Paisley, for different acts of theft, were found
guilty, 14 years transportation.

                                                                                                    printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1828   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(105)
Broadside entitled 'Glasgow Winter Assizes'
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