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Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow



GLASGOW, 15th Sept. 1828,

This day, the two Judges proceeded to try the following cases:?
Alexr. Latham. John Nish & Alexr. Latham, assault.    Outlawed.

ROBERT ANDERSON, for breaking into the Currying Shop
of David Mickle, Spoutmonth, on the 38th June last, and stealing
guinea note, pled Guilty 12 months' hard labour in Bridewell.

ALEXANDER RAMSAY, for stealing on the 20th May; in the
brewery of James Stewart, Tradeston, 2 and a pocket-book, pled
Guilty. 7 years' transportation.

JOHN AGNEW, for stealing from the house of Wm. M'Alester,
sen. Anderston, a silver watch ; Guilty. 7 years' transportation.

CATHERINE   TOCHIL, for stealing wearing apparel from a
bleaching green in Ruthergien Loan, on the 21st August last, pled
Guilty, 14 years' transportation. On receiving sentence she said, .
" Thank your Lordship, you can do no more."

JAMES PARK, accused of 8 different sets of falsehood, fraud,
and wilful imposition, pled Guilty. 14 years' transportation.

GEORGE ARNEIL, for stealing from a till in the shop of Jas.
Tennant, grocer, Coatbridge, parish of Old Moukland, on the 10th
of April last, 14s. in silver ; Guilty. 14. years' transportation.

ISAIAH MOORE, accused of breaking into the house of Murdo
M'Kenzie,   Ann Street, and stealing a silver watch and appendages,
and being habit and repute a thief, Guilty.?7 years' transportation.

JOHN CUBIE, for having in June last, broken into the dwelling
house of Robert Kay, Wallace Street, Tradeston, and stealing some
bed and table linen, wearing apparel, &c.? 14 years' transportation.

JOHN MURRAY, for stealing 30lbs. of lead from the roof of a
house in Gibson Street, belonging to Mr. Neilson, and being habit
and repute a thief, was found Guilty.?14. years' transportation.

JANET BLACK, for theft from a bleaching green, in Abbey
Street, Paisley, andl habit & repute; Guilty. 7 years' transportation.
This girl is only ten years of age.

PETER DONNELLY, for stealing on the 2d of June, from the
house of Mrs. Frier, Oxford Street, certain articles of wearing a ppa-
rel, and being habit and repute a thief.?7 years' transportation.

Tuesday.?Francis Jones, for robbery, theft & assault, Gallowgate,
on Sunday the 25th May last, pled Guilty.    6 months' in Bridwell,

ALEXr. M'FARLANE, for sheep-stealing from the field of Rt.
Walkinshaw, Parkhouse, pled guilty.    7 years' transportation.

Wm. M'KENZIE, Tor assaulting, cutting. and stabbing his own
wife, in Kelvin-Row, Woodside; Guilty.?14 years' transportation.

REBECCA WINTER, for stealing 90 11s. from the pockets of
James Watson, horse-dealer, Belfast, while in a public house in Prin-
ce's Street, Glasgow, pled guilty.?7 years' transportation.

HERTY, for stealing various articles, on the 30th July, from a house-
in Carswell's Court, George's Street, Glasgow, occupied by William
Yeatts; all guilty. The two first 7 years' transportation, and the
last 12 months' hard labour in Bridwell.

JAMES YOUNG, for theft and reset, pled guilty to the reset.?
14, months in Bridewell.

WM. THOMSON, for theft from the house of George Morrison,
Cariwell's Court, George Street, guilty.?14 months' in Bridewell.

JAMES CUNNINGHAM. for assaulting various persons, and
with malicious mischief; guilty of assault. 12 months' in Bridewell.
Nathaniel Balfour, Wm. Haddow, Robt. M'Pnail, and Andruw Gil-
mour, jun. all in the same indictment, were outlawed.

ROBt. M'INTOSH & JOHN THOMSON, for theft and house-
breaking In Tradeston, pied guilty to theft. 14 years' transportation.

MARGARET ARMOUR, for theft from a house in Blue Vale,
Glasgow,was found guilty.?7 years' transportation.

Wednesday.?Andrew Boyd and Archd. Young, for theft of a sil-
ver watch and 10s. from John Ferguson, Chryston, near Moorhead
Bar; Young dismissed, but Boyd guilty.?7 years' transportation.

John Ferguson, for uttering a forged note in Calton.?Dismissed.

Hugh M'Farlane, for housebreaking and theft.    Recommitted.

James Hastie, accused of stealing; a pocket. book and 8l. from John
Bowman, Kilbride, in Gallowgate. and being habit & repute a thief.
Not proven.?Dismissed.?Lord Meadowbank warned him of his fu-
ture conduct; Hastie said, " I hope in God to follow your advice."

Hugh Robertson, Charles Hill, Thos. Counar, and Bell M'Me-
nemy, for assaulting and robbing Alexr. M'Kinnon, boatman, mar
Port Eglinton, of 21. and other articles ; the two first were dismissed ;
but the two latter Guilty, who are to be Executed at Glasgow on
Wednesday the 22d October next.

John Dalziel and Robert Marshall, for theft at Newlands & Jean-
field ; the former recommitted on a new warrant; the latter dismissed.

John Loag alias Logan, and James Daily, for stealing 41 ls. in
notes, from the shop of Gilbert M'Kinlay, Bridgegate, pled guilty.
3 months in Bridewell.

James Paton, for theft from the house of James Craighead, Rose-
hill, pled guilty.?12 months in Bridewell.

THURSDAY.?HENRY SAUNDERS, accused of an extensive robbery of the
Greenock Bank, some months ago, pled Not Guilty. after a long trial, the libel was
found Not Proven, and he was dismissed ?Trial Finished.

W. Carse, Printer.

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Date of publication: 1828   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(102)
Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow
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