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Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow


Glasgow Circuit.

An account of the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary,
which opened at Glasgow on Tuesday last, when


was sentenced to be Executed on the 7th of June next, for a daring
Robbery on the Old Bridge of Glasgow.

Glasgow, April 25, 1826.?This day the Circut Court of Justiciary was opened here by Lords
Meadowbank and M' Kenzie, and after the usual solemnities had been gone through, the
Court proceeded to the Trial of the following persons.

Duncan M' Carter, Margaret Love and Catherine Fitzgerald, for breaking, into the coach
house of Mr. Stirling of Cadder, and stealing a trunk, &c., the property of Lord Strathallan,
were found guilty, when M'Carter was sentenced to be transported for life, and the two
women for 14 years.

Thomas Innes, for robbing a weaver in the Gallowgate.    Not proven and dismissed.
James Donaldson, robbery; 14 years transportation.
T. M'Grigor, uttering forged notes; dismissed------S. Thompson, do ; transported 14 years
T. Young, theft; 12 months in bridewell.------J. Reid, theft; 10 months in ditto.
R. M. Forrester, assault; outlawed.

Wednesday the Court met at 9 o'clock and proceeded to the trial of
Jean Livingston, for theft, and habit and repute.; 14 years transportation.                      .
Daniel Johnston, theft of a watch, 14 years transportation.
Margaret Mansion, for breaking into and robbing the house of Mr. Gentles, baker, High
Street, Glasgow, of a large sum of money, was sentenced to 14 years transportation.
John M'Laren, breach of trust; 6 months imprisonment.
James Collin alias Dollan, and Robert Syme, for violently assaulting and robbing--------
Strang, weaver, on the Old Bridge of Glasgow, of his hat, and various other articles. Se-
veral witnesses were examined who completely established the guilt of the prisoners The
jury found them both guilty; and the libel being restricted as to Symc, he was sentenced to
be transported for life.

Previously to passing sentence on Dollan, his Lordship addressed him as follows:?      
Prisoner?You have been indicted for a robbery, attended with circumstances of great
aggravation. In your trial you have been assisted with able Counsel, and the Jury by whom
you have been convicted bestowed upon the circumstances of your case the most unwearied
attention; and you are now to receive the sentence which the laws of the country have a-
warded, and which it is my painful duty to pronounce. The evidence upon which you have
been convicted entirely shuts out all hopes of mercy being extended to you in this worlds
I therefore wish to impress upon your mind, that your days are numbered, that you stand
upon the verge of eternity, and very shortly you must appear before the tribunal of the At
mighty, where we shall all have to answer for our conduct in this world. I chaage you not
to buoy youaself up with the slightest hope of mercy?it never can be granted to you in this
world. I therefore solemnly advise you to make the best use of the short time you have to
live. I am sure that the excellent Ministers of our holy religion, of this city, will be ready
to afford you that spiritual advice and comfort which your awful situation requires; and I
trust you will avail yourself of every assistance for sincere repentance. The learned Judge
concluded by passing sentence of death, ordaining the unhappy man to be Executed at Glas
gow, on Wednesday the 7th of June next, betwixt 8 and 10 in the morning.                     

John Muir, printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1826   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(085)
Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow
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