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Broadside entitled 'Awful Murder in Bridgeton'


Awful murder
In Bridgeton.

An account of a most cruel and, inhuman Murder, which was
committed at Mile End, Bridgeton, on Monday evening last,
on the body of Sarah M'Viccar, a fine young woman, about
18 years of age, who was stabbed in the throat by her Sweet-
heart, Charles Campbell, in a fit of jealousy, and instantly fell
dead at his feet?5th December, 1825.

IT is with horror we have to lay before the public an account of a most atrocious
deed, which occurred in a public house, kept by a person of the name of M'Gown,
near the Barrowfield Road toll-bar, in the neighbourhood of this City, on Monday
evening last; it was perpetrated by an unhappy individual whilst under the influence .
of that green-eyed monster?Jealousy. Many reports were in circulation, but the   
following particulars will be-found, we believe, to be substantially correct.

Sarah M'Viccar was a pretty looking girl, about 18 years of
age, and worked in one of the Cotton Mills in the neighbour-
hood; she had the misfortune about a year ago, to have a child
to a gentleman; after the death of the child, she took up and
co-habited for some time with a man of the name of Charles
Campbell, hut in consequence of some supposed grievance, she
had left him some time ago. On the above evening, a number
of work-people were dancing in the public-house, and one of
them went for Sally about 12 o'clock to give her a reel; her friends
advised her not to go, but she was persuaded and went, and was
Only a very short time in the house, when she lay a lifeless

It is said When she entered the room with her companion, (Who was a married
man) Campbell, fired with jealousy, deliberately left the room, and having procured
a knife, returned, when he found Sally sitting on the knee of his supposed rival,
when he instantly thrust the weapon with so deadly an aim, into the unfortunate
girl's throat, that she fell at his feet, and expired in a few seconds. A doctor was
immediately got, but all was of no avail, life had for ever fled, and the unfortunate
victim of lawless passion, lay steeped in her gore.                  

The scene of merriment now became a scene of horror, terror, and dismay;
females shrieking, and shouts of murder spread terror around; the whole neigh-
bourhood became alarmed, and the police having arrived, the body of the unhappy
girl was taken to the Police Office, Calton, and her murderer was also secured and
conveyed thither, and after examination, Campbell was committed to prison, there
to await the award of impartial justice.                                                

Campbell is by trade a Cotton Spinner, and he is said to be above Thirty years
of age.                                                                                                 .

The individuals are well known in the neighbourhood, and the death of the un-
fortunate girl has caused a great sensation-in that vicinity, where the friends of both
parties reside.                                                                                                   

                                          John Muir,Printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1825   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(084)
Broadside entitled 'Awful Murder in Bridgeton'
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