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Broadside entitled 'Correct Account of the Riots Concerning Stealing Dead Bodies'


Correct Account of            


Conerning Stealing Dead Bodies, in different parts of Grlasgow
On Saturday and Sunday, the   1st and 2d March,   1823; with   an aceount of
the Dead Bodies, and the Heads Limbs & pieces of Human Bodies Found.

Early   on Friday night. the neighbonrhood of the College
Church-yard, was alarmed by noises proceeding from the church,
yard, when the watchman on that station sprung his rattle, and
having procured assistance, they entered the graye-yard, where
they found three doctors and a boy, whom they escorted to the
Police Office,                                             

In the middle of the above night, the watchman at Lady-well
street remarked two well dressed persons hastening toward the
High Church-yard   An interyal of some minutes elapsed, when
he perceived the same persons return, followed by some others
bearing something tied up in a large bundle.? An alarm was
instantly given, when the watchmen assembled, and having se-
cured the man who was bearing the bundle, and a young. man
who appeared of the same party, they then proceeded to examine
the bundle; which was found to be the   body of a man deceased,
who had lived in the Havannah, and who was lately interred in
the aforesa id   church yard.    The fellow that carried the corpse
made such oppositions to his being taken, by striking. kicking, and
biting the watchmen, that they thought proper to bind him and the
corpse together, on a hurley, when they were removed to the Of-
fice.    It was   with   great difficulty the police could prevent the
crowd that. assembled from taking vengeance on-him.    The son of
the man disinterred, appeared at the Office some time afterwards,
to claim his father's body,

Drawing conclusions from those and other events, it was that a great concourse
of people assembled opposite a lecture room in Duke street, on Saturday
morning, at half past nine o' clock, when they proceeded to break open the
door, when a most appalling scene presented itself....On the floor, stood a large
tub, in which was found a number of heads, arms and legs. On the table lay
the whole body of a woman with long hair. The body of a man lay aside it.
with the head cut off, and the entrrils out, and otherwise dissected. At the
end of the room was a complete skeleton. Other rhangled bodies were found,
and limbs and mutilated fragments of bodies were strewed about the room. The
mobs were so exasperated that, siezing the bodies and every thing found in the
room; they tossed them into the streets. They were proceeding to demolish
the premises until the arrival of Baillie Snell, with the Police, and a detachment
of soldiers, when a proper guard was stationed to prevent farther violence,

Yesterday forennon; a crowd assembled an Portlaad street, at another lecture
room, when they had proceeded to break the other door, and were proceeding
to the room, when they were alarmed by the arrival of the Police. Some bones
were found on the premises, arid were tossed about by the crowd. Guards are
placed to prevent mischief while a legal investigation is going on, to satisfy the
public mind.                                          

Mayne & Co.

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Date of publication: 1823   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(046)
Broadside entitled 'Correct Account of the Riots Concerning Stealing Dead Bodies'
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