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Broadside entitled 'Trials, &c.'


Trials, &c.


An Account of the Trial of James Wilson, which came on before the
Lords Commissioners at Glasgow on Thursday and Friday the 20th
and 21st July, 1820. accused of High Treason, and who was found
Guilty, but recommended to the mercy of the Crown.

GLASGOW, JULY 20.                                                                      James Gilchrist, of Gilfoot,
The Lords Commissioners appointed by the Special Com-                           George Rowan, of Home'auldhead,
mission of Oyer   and Terminer, for trying all Treasons and                           Thomas Douglas, of Moss,
Misprisons o' Treason, committed within the counties of Stir-                           John Woddrop, of Dalmarnock__And
ling, Lanark, Dumbarton, Renfrew,   and Ayr, opened their                           James Ewing, merchant, Glasgow.
proceedings here on Thursday morning. The following were the
Lords Commissioners,?The Lord President of the Court of                              The Indictment having been read over,the prisoner plead-
Session, the Lord Justice Clerk, the Lord Chief Baron of the                       ed Not Guilty.
Court of Exchequer, the Lord Chief Commissioner of the Jury                                Mr. Hope then stated to the Jury the heads of the four counts of the in
Court,and Lord Pitmilly.John Hullock, Esq. Serjeant at                                 Counts of the indictment, charging the prisoner with levying
Law, assisted at the trials, and Mr. Thomas George Knapp,                      war against the King. &c.
Clerk to the Arraigns of the Home Circuit in England, acted                              
as Clerk to, the Arraigns.                                                                        Thirty two witnesses were examined on the above case.-

On the part of the Crown, the Counsel were the Lord Advo-                          The prisoner had emitied two declarations; but Mr.Monteith.
cate, the Solicitor. General,   Mr. Hullock,   Mr- H. H Drum.                                his Counsel, objected to the production of first one, on the
mont, and Mr. Hope, the Lord Advocate's Deputes, Mr Men-                     ground that the Magistrate had recommened to the prisoner
zies. Mr.Knapp- and Mr, James Arnott. w s. Agent.On                            to be candid, saying, that if he was in his place he would speak
the opposite side of the table, sat Mr. J. A. Murray, Mr Gra-                     out. The Court sustained the objection.            
ham, Mr. Montelth. Mr. Pyper, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Miller and                           It was now ten o'clock and the Court intimated its inten.        
Mr. Sandford, Advocate; and Mr. Harmer, the English Bn-                       tion of rising far the night, and coaches were ordered to carry
rister, who, we helieve, condueted the trials-which late y took                       the Jury to some place where they could be all kept together
place at Manchester-Agent, Mr.Fleming.                                                    Mr. Murray, in the mean time, commenced his address to the
The Court was opened about nine o'clock, and in a few                             Jury and concluded about welve o'clock, when the Court rose
minutes was crowded with people, who eagerly pushed into                       to meet next morning at ten o'clock.
the Court Hall for the purpose of hearing the trials.    The                            The Court met again at the appointed time, When the Jury,
Lord President addressed the Court; after which                                           list wat called orar.                                          

JAMES WILSON, weaver aged 58, belonging to Stratha-                            The Lord President informed the Gentlemen of the petit
ven, was called to the bar.He was charged with having as-                       Jury, Who were not empannelled, that they were at liberty to
smbled in arms in the month of April last, and of having pub-                       retire, for there would be no other trial to day.
lished the Proclamation which was posted on the walls of the         
City and neighbouring villages, on the 1st of April last, calling                       Mr. Murray made an elequent and ingenious address to the-
on the people of Great Britain and lreland to rise in arms and.                     Jury in behalf of Wilson.Mr serjeant Hullock replied ?
assert their rights,&c.                                                                           The Lord President then summed up the evidence, in a clear
                                                                and distant manner.

The Clerk of the Crown iben read over the list of the pefit
Jury, which consisted of the following Gentlemen:-                                   The Jury retired at seven o'clock; and, after heing absent
David Laird, of Balornock,                                                                      two honrs returned into Court, and delivered their verdict
Thomas Muir, of Muir Park,                                                                   finding him Guilty on the fourth count   "conspiring to teyy
John Lochhead, of Govan,                                                              was against the King, in order to compel him to charge his
Robert Grandberry Baillie,                                                              Govrnment."Bnt the Jury unanimously him
Thomas Sommerville, younger of Carnwath,                                           to the mercy of the Crown.
Andsew Smith, of Auldhouse,                                                                 The Conrt proceeded this morning to arraign the prisoners
James Howieseu, of Douglas,                                                      at Paisley, but meets here again on Monday.

                                                                                                                                         Printed for John Muir.

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Date published: 1820   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(010)
Broadside entitled 'Trials, &c.'
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