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Broadside entitled 'Extraordinary Predictions!!'



A Full and Particular Account of the most astonishing PROPHECIES and PRE-
DICTIONS, concerning the Revolutions, War, Reform, &c that is said will
happen in the various Nations of Europe, &c, in the different Months of
this eventful year, 1831. By a celebrated Jewish Prophet, from Poland.

JANUARY....When I consider the aspects that usher in the new-born year, I
must say, the times appears fraught with ominous denouncements! Important
changes are foretold to mighty states ? remarkable events occur to Russia, Den-
mark, Sweden, and an Oriental Kingdom. London is the scene of extraordinary
political and mercurial schemes.

FEBRUARY.....This is an unfortunate month. Illness or a singular trouble, is
approaching to an illustrious person, perhaps mighty personage. His horoscope
has certainly a malicious aspect therein, and which will scarcely pass without a
noted effect either in this or the ensuing month. One in military life, or an emi-
nent man dies or is disgraced ; a clergyman suffers ; there is a great calamity to
some part of the religious world ; a conspiracy ; many knavish schemes, thefts,
robberies, &c. ; and something extraordinary excites the popular attentions.

MARCH...The nativity of a great personage is still afflicted. We may expect a
military death or funeral ; the decease of a very clever character ; a great fire; a
notorious robbery, (perhaps murder); many heavy failures in trade ; a shipwreck;
many shameful contentions ; a remarkable or pompous nuptial; and such evil
news both at home and from abroad, where I think a great battle is likely to be
fought. Moreover, it will be a. month of mortality ; a great gambler dies, or is
ruined, and many pompous preparations are in progress. A shameful project or
nefarious scheme is discovered or exploded ; a noted person rediculed ; and the
month is evil for the rising generation, while in literature and science there will
be singular failures.

APRIL....This is a month of misfortunes to London, and, perhaps, also to Eng-
land ; but something of high consequence, and I think also fortunate to the com-
munity, will happen very shortly. A dignified personage is, however, still doom-
ed to illness or trouble; and there will be conflagrations, as also extraordinary
news, great part of a mischievous nature.

MAY....I fear this will be a month of disasters. Evil reports, lies, and rumours
...several fires and sudden deaths, or violent catastrophes. One of an illustrious
family is troubled or afflicted ; something remarkable may happen to a Princess,
or a noble Lady ; a great man dies, and there is evil news from foreign parts,
It is also a month of singular mortality, especially to persons signified by Sol,
viz. these in authority, dignified and wealthy.

JUNE....The Continental States, perhaps Holland or the Netherlands are indi-
cated by no favourable omens. A great poet or painter dies. In an illustrious
family there are still directions of trouble, or something still worse. The signifi-
cator of America. In the monthly horoscope, forebodes a preparation for war, or
that country changes in its policy, if not legislators. Death also claims his share
in the councils of a certain nation, and it will be a wonder if he do not come off
victorious. Scientific men or statesmen, however, are promoted. The funeral of
an eminent clergyman is at hand.

JULY.....We may expect a great statesman or scientific character to meet death
or disgrace. The military in general are under evil aspects ; faiiures in the com-
mercial world ; fires and crimes of no usual order, and more especially abroad.
It is an evil month for poets, painters, musicians, &c. A noted gambler or specu-
lator suffers; and America, France, and several foreign parts, are amenable to
mischievous influences, maladies, &c.

AUGUST....The admonitions of the starry heavens, however, they may be light-
ly esteemed or disregarded by mankind, ate, during this thrice eventful epoch,
loud in their ominus and fearful forewarnings. Let us fervently hope the warn-
ing thus given may not be in vain ! Mere are signs of mortality to the noble?
ilness to a great or princely personage ? death of a clergyman or learned person
?detection of an impostor, and many other primary catastrophes, many of which,
scorning the limits of time, will be continued beyond the month.

SEPTEMBER....This is assuredly a busy eventful month, not in popular annals.
A philanthropic scheme is began or premeditated.    The clergy seems fortunate ;
and abroad some extraordinary matters are consummating. A great man becomes
popular during this configuration.    I would that the good were lasting ! but alas,
cannot so promise it.

OCTOBER....This will indeed be a noted month, for wedlock and nuptial cere-
monies. One or more of these too, bedecked with pageantry of state, or splend-
our of wealth; many widows, and middle aged of the fair sex, will have good
cause to think of October 1831. The other events of the month are no less ex-

NOVEMBER....The Sun quartiles Herschel. Woe to the great one. The Sun
squares Jupiter ! Woe to one of the church. These are the oracles of the month-
ly horoscope. Death is preparing his phantom dart?soon will he strike. Ye
who oppress the poor and needy?who are even as the outcasts of the earth in
the eyes of Heaven?take warning. Lo ! the time is at hand.

DECEMBER....December concludes the forewarnings of the year, and in this
gloomy month we find Mercury gives us a passing touch of calamities, fires, &c.
well had it have been had the year ended with happier influences ; and well
will it still be, if mankind take timely warning from the past......(R. M. Printer.)

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Probable date of publication: 1830-1831   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(121)
Broadside entitled 'Extraordinary Predictions!!'
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