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Broadside entitled 'Trial'




Just Published, an Account of the Trial of the Rev.
MR TAIT, Minister of the College Church, before
the Presbytery of Edinburgh, which met this day
in the Trustee's Hall, head of Scott's Close.


AS THE recent procedings as the Meetings of Presbytery, it
might have been supposed that the religious extravagances which
have of late been too frequently exhibited in the College Church,
would have ceased. But so far from this being the case, they were
yesterday repeated With all their usual fervour, and in a strain of
fanatical excitement, as inconsistent with d[?] smay, as with the spirit
of true piety. Surely no one could have possibly believed, that in
an age which boasts of being peculiarly enlightened, men of educa-
tion and character should be so far influenced by the power of de-
lusion, as to imagine that by uttering frantic outcries, and com-
mitting other extravagancies in a place of worship, they should give
any other manifestation than of their own folly.

It is lamentable to see so respectable men acting on
such misguided fancies; and under the vain idea of an
imaginary inspiration chusing a place of worship for the
scene of their fanatical excesses. Immediate steps should
be taken to put an end to these absurd and [?]ing
exhibitions, by which all sober persons are deeply scan-
dalized. We understand that, both yesterday and the
Sunday preceding, in the interval between the forenoon
and afternoon services, during a Prayer Meeting, Mr
Carlyle, Advocate, screamed and uttered incoherent sen-
tences in a state of great excitement. Several women
who were present, were so alarmed that they ran out of
the church, and one or two fainted when they came to
the street,


This day, 31st July? The Presbytery met in the Trustee's Hall,
at 12 o'clock, The meeting Was constituted by prayer, and the
chair taken by the Rev. David Thourburn of South Leith, in ab-
sence of the Moderator, After the ordinary rotine of business was
gone through, a minute was read, signifying that the report of the
Committee (Drs Inglis and Gordon), had been shewn to Mr Tait,
the contents of which approved of, excepting that clause which says
that Mr Carlyle had spoke during, his (Mr Tait's) discourse, for
successive Sabbaths ; admitting, at the same time, the. Mr Carlyle
had spoke to strengthen him in behalf of his flock.

Dr. Lee proposed that as Mr Tait was in an adjoining room, he
should be called in by the Moderator, intimation given him
that the business regarding him was going to commence. The
Rev. Mr Tait then made his appearance, when he was informed
by the Moderator that several questions would require to be put
to him. Dr lnglis praposed that as, a report was prevalent that re-
newed disturbances had taken place in the College Church, an en-
quiry should be invested in a Committee. Dr Lee made a motion,
that as the Rev. Gentleman was present, questions should be put to
him as to the truth of these assertions. This, was agreed on, and
Mr Tait gave answers that did not satisfy the motion.

A discussion then took place, in which Drs Inglis, Brunton, Lee,
Brown, M'Knight, Gordon,and Mr Simpson joined. It was finally
agreed on, that ths Presbytery should meet on friday at 12 o' clock,
to consider upon serving Mr TAIT with a liblel and suspension.         


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Probable date of publication: 1835-1836   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(93)
Broadside entitled 'Trial'
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