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Broadside entitled 'Horrid and Barbarous Murder'


Horrid & Barbarous


Committed upon the Body of Mary Thomson,
By her sweet-heart David Brown,


Who Seduced her under promise of Marriage,?and when, on account of her
pregnancy, she became urgent on their marriage, he appointed to meet
her at Lime Wood, where, in a lonely spot, he stabbed her with a knife,
and then threw her into a pond, with a quantity of stones tied into her
shawl. With an account of the wonderful discovery of the body, on which
was found the letter of appointment,?and which led to the apprehension
of the perpetrator of the dreadful crime.

DAVID BROWN, a young man, aged 21 years, and farm-servant to Mr
James Luke of Campton, has been fully committed to Carlisle Jail, for
the wilful murder of his sweetheart, Mary Thomson, a lovely girl, aged 19,
the only daughter of Isaac Thomson of Amsterdale, and servant to a respec-
table farmer of that neighbourhood. They had kept company together for
about twelve months ; and having, under promise of marriage, seduced her,
the consequence was she proved pregnant. On discovering her situation, she
urgently entreated him not to abandon her to the scorn of the world, but to
fulfill the solemn promise he had made, and marry her. He put her off from
time to time with evasive answers ; and after a week or two, he sent her the
following letter, which, happily for the ends of justice, was found upon her
person after she was murdered.

" Dear Mary.?To night, at seven o'clock, meet me at the north end of Lime Wood, near the
Willow Glen, and we will, quite undisturbed, at our leisure, arrange matters for our marriage,
and adopt plans for our future course of life Destroy this note, and let no person know you are
to meet me, else it may marr our projects.            Yours, &c. D. BROWN."

With heart somewhat relieved, this poor young creature at the appointed
time hastened to the fatal spot, and with smiles the insidious fiend received
her. They walked on at a slow pace for about half-an-hour, till they came
to a lonely and dreary spot, where was a lake surrounded with trees. In a
moment the villian seized her, and with a knife stabbed her. She fell on her
knees, the blood flowing from her side, and tears running down her comely
cheeks, and cried, " Mercy ! David, Mercy!?Think on your baby, think
on myself!?think on the solemn vows you made !" But all in vain?The
villian repeated his murderous blows till she lay a lifeless corpse at his feet,
drenched in her reeking blood.

He then threw her body into the lake ; but the watchful eye of Providence
was upon him, and before the week expired, it was discovered, the monster
apprehended, and now awaits his trial, in irons, in the county jail.

COME all false-hearted young men,

And listen to my song,
'Tis of a cruel murder

That lately has been done.
On the body of a maiden fair,

The truth I will unfold,
The bare relation of this deed

Will make your blood run cold.
Near Amsterdale, in fair Carlisle,

Mary Thomson she did dwell,
In spotless fame long time she lived,

Till this to her befell.
By David Brown's deluding tongue,

Poor Mary was beguiled,
And soon to her misfortune,

By him she proved with child.
Some days ago this damsel fair,

Did write to him with speed,
such tenderness she did express,

Would make a heart to bleed.
She said,   my dearest David,

I am with child by thee,
Therefore, my dear pray let me know,   

When you will marry me.               

That selfsame night he did appoint
                To meet her in Lime Wood,

         Where his true love soon did him meet,
                Ne'er dreading ought but good.

         When to the fatal spot they came,
                A knife then forth he drew,

And while she loud for mercy call'd,
Did pierce her body threw.

He took the shawl from off her neck,
And round her body tied.

With peeble stones he did it fili,
                Thinking the crime to hide.

         O then into the watery lake,

He plunged her straightway,

Which with her precious blood was stain'd,
                And soon did him betray.

         O then this young man taken was
                And into prison sent,

In rattling chains he is confined,

His crime for to lament.
Until the Assizes do come on,

When trembling he must stand,
Reflecting on the deed he's done,

       Waiting the dread command.


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Probable date of publication: 1835-1836   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(92)
Broadside entitled 'Horrid and Barbarous Murder'
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