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Broadside entitled 'Glasgow: Trials and sentences'



Trials & Sentences.

Trials & Sentences.                                                                                                      

Account of the Trial and Sentence of the various Prisoners who have
appeared at the Bar of Justiciary since it opened on Tuesday   last

GLASGOW, 23d April, 1839.

This day, the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened hereby the Right Hon. the Lords
Meadowbank and M'Kenzie. After prayer by the Rev. Dr. Smyth of St. George's, the Court
proceeded to the trial of                                                                                                      

Margaret Canovan, or Smith, for Stealing a coat from the Sheriff Clerk's Office, on the 18th
of February, and being a habit and repute thief    7 years transportation.

Margaret Arthur pled guilty to stealing a peice merino from a shop in Trongate, in Nov.
1832, aggravated by previous conviction and was sentenced to 7 years transportation.

Mary Hendrie or Henderson pleaded guilty to sealing a black silk gown,   and various ar-
ticles, from a Tavern in Tontine close, on the 21st March, sentenced 7 years transportation.

Janet Becket, pleaded guilty to stealing various articles of wearin apparel and other pro
perty, from dwelling-houses in Canon, Douglas, and Kent Streets.    7 years transportation.

William Smith, alias M' Kay, pleaded guilty to breaking into a dwelling-house in M' Alpine
Street, on the 30th March, aggravated by previous conviction. 14 years transportation.

Elizabeth Houston, theft of a watch, pocket book, toys, confections, parcels of letters, pa-
pers, and other artcles from a shop in East Clyde Street, sentenced to 14 years transportation.
Daniel Stirrat,   accused of uttering a forged note, in a public house in Calton, on the 8th
Octr. found guilty and sentenced to be transported for life.

John Barclay accused of the murder of Samuel Neilson, on the 10th October in   the vil-
lage of Cambusnethan, within a house then occupied by Samuel Neilson, cattle dealer, did
wickedly and feloniously attack and assault said Samuel Neilson, and did, with a hammer, or
with the nave of a cart wheel, or some other weapon, strike him one or more blows on the
head, by which the said Samuel Neilson was mortally wounded, and died soon thereafter.
Also, same time and place, with   stealing a silver watch, a 20s. note ot the British Linen
Company, and other two 20s. Bankers' notes.    In reply to the charge the pannel Said, " By
necessiy going to take my life yet, sir?"    Written special objections were lodged With and
read by the clerk, denying both or either of the charges, and setting forth that, if the crime
was proved against him, he was, at the period referred to, as well as sometime previous, in
a state of mental derangement.    After the examination of a number of witnesses, the Jury
returned a verdict finding the prisoner guilty.    His Lordship after an impressive adress, sen
tenced him to be Executed at Gasgow on Tuesday the 14th of May next, and his body to be
interred in the precincts of the jail.    Neilson was a blind man, and for the sake of money
which the pannel knew he was possessed of, this most atrocious murder was committed.

William Campbell, Neil Campbell, and Wm.   Graham,   Barney Collins, Wm. Cranston,
    John Mitchel, and Norman M'Farlane were outlawed.

Peter M'Niven, forgery. pleaded guilty.    Transportation for life.
James How, theft by housebreaking, plea led guilty.    7 years transpostation.

John Smith for assaulting and ravishing Margaret Warren, aged 13, pleaded guilty. 7
years transportation.

James Young, theft, pleaded not guilty.    After several witnesses had been examined, the
Jury found the panel guilty, and he was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment in Paisley Jail.

James Lonie was outlawed for not appearing.
David Doughtie, theft, and previously convicted, pleaded guilty.    7 years transportation.

Rossannah M' Neal, housebreaking, theft and reset; also, habit and repute, pleaded guil-
ty.    14 years transportation,
Elizabeth Jackson, alias Barr, alias, Cunnrngham alias Magaret M' Kellar, alias Catherine

Campbell,theft, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 7 years transportation.
Andrew and William Bennie, theft.    William was outlawed for not appearing, and Andrew
pleaded not guilty.    After the examination of several witnesses, he Was found guilty. and
Sentenced to 7 years transportation.

Alexander Struthers, charged with assaulting and stabbing Wm. Watt, Weaver, pleaded
guilty. Sentence delayed.                                                      

Philip Cairnie, rape.    Sentenced to be Executed on the 14th of May next.
Peter Newberry, assault with intent to ravish, found Guilty.    Transportation for life.
William Davidson, theft, 7 years transaortation.    James M'Kay, theft, not proven, dismissed.
Charles Boyle, theft, dismissed.    Norman M' Farlane, theft, outlawed.    Robt. Blair, theft,
7 years tranportation.    John Corbet, George Swan & Thomas Walker, weavers, Stonehouse,
theft by housebreaking, the two former 7 years transportation, an the latter outlawed.

Neil Campbell alias Donald Stewart, horse stealing, outlawed. John Gardner, hamesuck.
en and assault, sentence delayed. William and Peter Gardner, hamesncken and assault, the
former was outlawed, and the latter recommitted. Bernard Collins, rape or assault to ravish,
outlawed. William Bennie, theft, outlawed. Jane Stewart or Ross, child murder, 6 months

in Hamilton jail. James Struthers, theft, sent back. Wm. Graham, assaut, outlawed.

        W. m . CARSE, PRINTER.

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Date of publication: 1833   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(74)
Broadside entitled 'Glasgow: Trials and sentences'
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