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Broadside entitled 'Burks Papers'



P A P E R S.

Full Copy of the Curious Papers which
were found under a flag stone at the gen-
eral Cleaning of the City, near Burke's
house, where you have the names of those
who were murdered, and sold by him.
Togeth r with the prices,   and sums re-
ceived for each subject

There was found on Monday, a tattered menu-
script, supposed to have   been written by the no-
tarious Burke, from its having been found under
a flag stone, near the   house of that cold-blooded
murderer, while the men were employed cleaning
out the rubbish and filth, (to prevent Cholera,)
which abounded in such stupendous quantities in
that quarter of the city.    These papers were de-
posited in a tin cannister, which   was nearly worn
into holes   by   rust, although   it   most   have   lain
there   only a few years.    They bear on the first
page the date.

7th February, 1817. ? Apparently written by
the Schoolmaster. This book belongs to William
Burke son of Neil Burke, labourer, Urny, county
of Troyne.               

Then follows a number of pages, on which are
strokes, and single letters, such as used at school.
Also fragments and scroals mostly obliterated.

And then a Journal, and Actions, as follows:?

Left the Donnegal militia and came to Edin-
burgh, December 1818, to follow the shoemaker

I. Sept.1826.--Went to lodge with Hare, Tan-
ner's Close, and assisted with the cuddy.

Christmas 1827.?Sold the body of Donald the
pensioner, in Surgeon Square, for L.7,   10.
Paid William Hare, Tanner's Close, L4,   5.

For myself, L.3, 5.                                 

April 2,?Sold the woman from Gilmerton for


Paid William Hare foresaid, L4. Paid a porter
5 .drank 3. 3d. a box is. For myself L4, 10s.

May 7?Sold   the   old   woman, who   came to
lodge in Tanner;s Close, and   the child, for 12.
Paid for drink, porterage, &c. 7s. Paid william

Hare L.5.

For myself L6, 13 .

July 1.?Sold the Englishman for L10. Kept
the whole money, for Hare's conduct to me.

22.- Sold the woman Haldane for L6. Paid
Hare, being due him L5. Paid Donald the por-
ter, being jealous of him L1.

Aug 2-Sold the old woman, and her grand
daughter for L11.    Paid Hare L5.    Paid the gro-
cer for a herring barrrel Is. 6d, whisky and Donald

7, 6J.

For myself I.5, 15, 61.
Oct 5.-Sold the girl Paterson for LI0, which   

was all paid to Harel, be being hard up.   

3I- Sold James wilson, or draft Jamie for L15.

For myself L7, 10s.

There is no account of the women Margery.
M'Dougal ,or Duffie, or, cambell, for whose mur- .
der this attricious and blood thirsty villain suf-
red the punishment which he so richly deserve-

FORBES and Co.Printers, 171,Cowgate.

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Date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(48)
Broadside entitled 'Burks Papers'
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