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Broadside entitled 'Fire'



An account of that dreadful and destructive Fire that
took place in Leith this morning, when the enten-
sive Steam Mills on the Shore were burned to the
ground, besides a number of other houses and pro-
perty amounting to about 30,000, besides a num-
ber of persons severely hurt.? The particulars cor--
rectly given by an eye witness.


This morning about three o'clock, those extensive pre-
mises situated at the back of those leading up the Broad
Wynd, lately built for the purpose of meal steam mills,
took fire,    A   short   time after   the conflagration was
discovered, the Leith and Battery engines were prompt-
ly on the spot, and   a terwards a numqer of engines
from Edinburgh, under the direction of Mr Paterson.
So dreadful did the fire rage, that although these en-
gines   were plentifully supplied with   water and ably
managed, yet it was found impracticable to entinguish
the raging element until the whole range of buildings
were burned to the ground. It is impossible to describe
the terrific yet grand, we may even say sublime effect
that the flames, while they burst at intervals in large
columns, had upon the surface of the sea, while fleaks
of burning embers threatened destruction to the build-
ings around.

The following, account of this destructive conflagration. is given in

a letter by an eye witness,

About midnight I was alarmed by a bright light in
my bedroom, and on getting Up, I perceived from the
window as if the whole buildings on the Shore were in
ftames. On getting out I found that those extensive
steam mills occupied by Messrs George Goodlet &;Co.
were in a blaze. The engines belonging to Leith and
the Artillery Fort were alertly on the spot, and were
assisted shortly after by a number of powerful engines
from Edinburgh; but so rapid did the fire make ground,
that it was out of the power of mortal exertions to keep
it down. About 4 o'clock nearly the whole of the in-
habitants were turned out, who stood motionless, gaz-
ing with fear and anxie y at the sublime and terrible
elevastation going on. The tide was nearly ful, and the morning
dark, which made the sp ctacle truly magnificient and awful. The
reflection of the flames upon the sea, which sparkled at every wave,
nad a very imposing effct. By 6 o'clock the flames were seen
bursting from every window, of which there are are several hund-
reds in the premises, which are s ven stories high. Shortly after
the flames commmunicated with the east side of the Broad Wynd,
which has comminted considerable devastation, and is not yet (10
o' clock) extinguished.

Several men engaged   in extinguishing the fire were hurt by the
falling of the ruins,and it is said that one man was killed.
Besides the total destruation of the mills, those extensive premises in
St Bernard Street, Messrs Atichison and Company, were
merchants, were consumed to the ground.    I am happy to say they are insured.

This forenoon nothing but the are walls of the mills were to be
seen, part of which to the south has fallen in, and great fears are en-
tertained that the chimney stalk, which is of considerable bright,.
will come down.                                                               

Forbes & Co,Printers, 171, Cowgate,                     

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Date of publication: 1832   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(40)
Broadside entitled 'Fire'
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