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Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Riot'




Full and particular account of that dreadful and

bloody engagement which took place betwixt a

party of Smugglers, and some men belonging to

the Preventive Service, on Wednesday last,   at

St John's Haven, when three men were most

cruelly murdered.

Wednesday last, information was given to the
Preventive party stationed near John's Haven,
through-some unknown channel, that a person of
the name of Montgomery, a smuggler, well known
in that part of the country, was expected with a
valuable cargo of smuggled gin, tea, &c.

Accordingly, no pains were spared by the Pre-
ventive party to secure so valuable a prize. Every
means of defence were iustantly got ready, in case
Montgomery and his party, whose daring charac-
ters were se well kaown, should make any resist-

About two o'clock in the morning, when one of
the Preventive party was stationed on the ridge of
rocks, crlled the Smuggler's Cairn, he observed
something at a short distance, which, upon minute
observation, turned out to be a fishing boat, used
in that part of the country for smuggling ; he im-
mediately gava the signal to some of his   compan-
ions that a smuggler was in sight.

All hands instautly made for the place, and con
cealdd themselves at the back of the rocks that
abonnd on that coast.

In a few minutes Montgomery and his bold
companions, 15 in number, landed, and were or-
dered to surrender in the King's name, upon pain
of instant death.

This unexpected salute instantly told them what
customers they had to deal with. We shall never
yield was the instant reply of Montgomery. My
lads, 'tis at most only man to man?sink the cus-
toms, and vengeance for the past. In an instant
shot and grape, accompanied with the clashing of
swords, gave dreadful note of the bloody affray.

Montgomery, with his little, but gallant band,
fought to the last, and only left the scene of action
when three of his companions lay weltering in their
gore, Seven preventive-men were wounded, some
of them dangerously.

We are convinced, that the happy and efficieat
system of policy acted upon by our present Minis-
ters will prevent a similar occurpence.

Printed for Fergus Ferguson. Bookseller.

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Probable date of publication: 1825   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(35)
Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Riot'
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