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Broadside entitled 'Trial'



Full, True, and Particular account of the
Trial of Samuel M'Lauchlan, master
baker, and Thomas Badger, before the
High Court of Justiciary, for the Riots
at Lauder at the election of a member of
parliament, and for assaulting Lord Mait-
land, the Sheriff of the County, the Fis-
cal, and Mr Simpson, one of the Magis-
trates, by forcing him into a coach and
driving him out of the town, in purpose
to keep him from voting,

This day came on before the High Court of
Justiciary the trial of Samuel M Lauchlan, baker,
and Thomas Badger, shoemaker, both residing in
the town of Haddington, for mobbing, rioting, and
assault; also for violently carrying off Mr Simpson
one of the Magistrates, so as to defeat the franchise
at the country election, which took place at Lauder ,
on the 4th day of May last.

The prisoners, although implicated in forming
part of the said mob, yet they became responsible
as being art and part in attacking Lord Maitland,
one of the candidates ; also with attacking the
Sheriff and the Fiscal of the county, and with as-
saulting Mr Simpson, by hurling him a consider-
able distance on the street, and putting him into
a post chaise, when he was driven off, whereby he
was prevented from attending the meeting that was
to take place that day.

It appeared from the evidence adduced by se-
veral respectable inhabitants belonging to Had
dington and Lander, that on the day fixed for the
election of a member of parliament, gangs of dis-
orderly persons marched into Lauder, from Had-
dington, Galashiels, Tranent, Kelso, and .surround-
ing districts, headed by music, carrying bludgeons
and flags, and bearing yellow cockades on their
breasts and hats. These outrageous mobs were
addressed by the prisoner M'Lauchlan, who instil
gated them on to riot.

During the course of the day the Court House
was broken into; Mr Simpson, councillor, hurled
through the streets, and carried off in a post chaise ;
Lord Mainland the unpopular-candidate, the Sheiiff
and the Fiscal, were attacked and severely beaten
and maltreated.

Two of the Magistrates of Haddington gave the
pannel. good characters, only that they considered
M'Lauchlan as an eccentric character. He was
often seen spouting, addressing crowds, and severl
times had played the part of a Merry Andrew.
The Solicitor General addressed the Jury at great
length. He said that although the prisoners did
not actually make personal attacks upon the func-
tionaries mentioned, yet it was clearly proved that
the prisoner M'Lauchlan had stimulated the mob
to not, and that, any person who is present at such
notons mobs become in part responsible for the
damage done and violence used.

The advocate for the pannels having addressed,
the Jury, the Lord Justice Clerk summed up the

The Jury returned a vordict of not guilty against
Badger, and   not proved by a   majority, of one
against M'Lauchlan.

FORBES & KAY,Printers, 171.Cowgate..

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Probable date of publication: 1831   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(16)
Broadside entitled 'Trial'
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