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Broadside ballad entitled 'Samson's Foxes'


Samson's Foxes,   

A New Litany,

To the Tune of, An old Courtier of the Queen.

FROM the fine Roman Whore, or Geneva Slut;   
The one dawbed with Paint, the other with Smut;
From the Beast's horned Head, or his cloven Foot

Libera, &c.

From Rome's old Darkness, or Geneva's new Blaze,
Which lead Men from Heaven quite different Ways,
From excluding from thence by Decrees, or by Keys,

Libera, &c.

From Jack's broad Brim, with Peter's high Crown upon it,
From a Cardinal's red Hat, of an Elder's blue Bonnet,
F[rom a] sanctify'd Groan, or unsanrtify'd Sonnet,

Libera, &c.

From numbering of Prayers by Beads or by Sand,
From offering up Devotion 'gainst Scripture's Command
In Latin or Jargon that none understand,

Libera, &c.

From a Plot laid in Hell, with the Devil to hatch it,
To rend Christ's seamless Coat, to piece it and patch it,
From murdering of Princes, by Wafer or Hatchet,

Libera, &c.

From Peter and Jack, like Man like Master,
Both sitting at Table in irreverent Posture,
From all Ave Maries, or no Pater Noster,

Libera, &c.

From worshipping Saints, either living or dead,
From being of our selves or the Pope elected,
From meriting Heaven by bald Pate or round Head,


From Religion dress'd gaudy, or expos'd without Rag on,
From eating small Wafer, or sipping large Flagon,
From fitting to Christ, or kneeling to Dagon,

Libera, &c.

From Elders and Jesuits join'd in a Cheat,
In forging sham Keys for the Spiritual Gate,
Which from temporal Power are to lock out the State,

Libera, &c.

From all such Dragoons of the Church Militants,
Who make others Martyrs to make themselves Saints,
From French holy Leagues and Scots Covenants,

Libera, &c.

Edinburgh; Printed by JAMES WATSON.    1713.

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Date of publication: 1713   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(072)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Samson's Foxes'
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