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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Moderate Man's Advice against Extravagant Drinking; or, Enough is as Good as a Feast'


THE Moderate Man's Advice against Extravagant Drinking,
OR, Enough is as good as a Feast.

To An Excellent new Tune.

Come all you brave hearts of Gold,
Let's learn to be merry and wise
For it is a true saying of old,
Suspicion is doubtless disguis'd :
Whatever we say or do,
Let's not drink to disturb our brain;
But laugh for an hour or two,
And never be Drunk again.

For a cup of strong bear it is good,
To drive the cold Winter away,
Twill nourish and cherish our blood;
When our spirits begin to decay:
But he that takes too much,
Of his head he will complain;
Then let us have a gentle touch,
But never be drunk again.

Strong Bear it is made for Man,
But Man was not made for it,
Let's drink and be merry as we can,
But not drink away our wit:
Then Drawer come fill us a quart,
And let it be Claret in grain.
We'll Laugh and we'll meerly sport
And never be Drunk again.

For enough is as good as a Feast,
If a Man could have but the Power,
A Drunkard is worse than a Beast,
That lies tumbling on the floor.
If a Man could his time recall,
In an Ale-House he spends in vain,
We'll learn to be merry Boys all,
And never be Drunk again.

Good Liquor will yield us delight,
And Cure us of trouble and care,
And when my dear Friends I invite,
No charges or cost will I spare,
But brew still the best of good Malt,
Which we can for Silver obtain :
To tipple I count it no fault,
If we are not drunk again.

TheTrooper that mounts the war horse
And Lovers that Courts for a Wife,
Good Faith they are both at a loss,
Were it not for the Liquor of Life:
It makes them couragious and stout,
Their Hearts in Jockeller vain,
And tho we Drink briskly about,
We'll never be Drunk again.

Some Men that are commonly Drunk;
Will often fall out with their Friends,
And others will Troop to a Punk,
Where Money they westfully spend ;
The which they have reason so to prise,
Because it is hard to obtain,
Boys let us be merry and wise,
And never be Drunk again.

Dioginis liv'd in a Tab,
And drank the cold water so clear;
For want of a Cup of strong Bub,
His Spirits he never could cheer:
He's gone and left us behind,
True Love and friendship to maintain,
We'll Drink for the good of Mankind,
And never be Drunk again.

The Student that Studies the Law,
And the Scholar that follows his Books,
Their Learning's not worth a wheatstraw
If heavy and dull is their look
But cheer them with cherishing Bowls,
Then will they true Learning obtain.
Now as we are jocaller Souls,
We'll never be Drunk again.

Now here's a good Health to the Queen
The Glory and Pride of the Land,
And let our Allegance be seen,
By six in a Protestants Hand ;
O wish her both Honour and Wealth,
A long and Prosperous Reign;
And tho' we drink to her good Health,
Let's never be Drunk again.


Edinburgh, Printed and Sold by John Moncur at his Printing-House at the Foot of
Sclater's. Close foregainst the Trone 1707.

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Date of publication: 1707   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(038)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Moderate Man's Advice against Extravagant Drinking; or, Enough is as Good as a Feast'
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