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Broadside ballad entitled 'Valiant Jockie: His Lady's Resolution'


An Excellent New SONG, Intituled,

Valiant Jockie

His LADIES Resolution. To be sung to its own proper tune.

Valiant Jockie, march'd away,
To fight a Battle with great Mackay;
Leaving me poor Soul alas! forlorne,
To curse the hour that ever I was born
But I swear I'll follow too,
And dearest Jockie's Fate pursue;
Near him be, to guard his precious Life,
Never Scot had such a Loyal Wife.
Sword l'le wear, I'le cut my hair;
Tane my Cheeks that was so fair;
In souldiers weed to him l'le speed,
Never such a Trooper crost the Tweide.

Trumpet sound the victory,
Sure I'le be kil'd, the nixt Dundee;
Loves raging Fate doth all agree,
To do some glorious act for me :
Great Bellonia take my part,
Fame and honour guard my Heart ;
That for poor old Scotlands good,
Some brave Action may deserve my blood
Nought shall appear, from all Fame I fear,
Fighting by his side I lov'd so dear;
All the World shal own that ne're was known
Such a Loyal Lass this Thousand year.

Now in Noble Armour bright,
I with coragious Heart will fight;
Fear of death shall ne're my courage stain,
Our King's Right I will maintain:
For the glory of our Sex,
We all our Rebells Shall perplex,
And let them find that Women kind,
Sometimes venture with a warlike mind,
Age of old, our Fame has told,
Therefores shall never be controul'd;
By Friend, or Foe, I'le freely go;
Never was a Trooper Armed so.

I shall a helmet then put on,
Armed like a valiant warlike Man;
Plats of steel shall guard my Back and Breast,
Carabines and Pistols I'le protest,
In my Hand I'le cock and prime,
Now and for ever is the time ;
While I am mounted thus cappa pi;
Warlike Thunder shall my Musick be:
Let smoak arise and dim the Skies,
While we putsue the warlik prize;
Lauralls shall us crown, with true renown,
The Victory, in City, Court and Town.

Mars the God of wat shall lead
Our Army, that shall fight and Bleed;
Or e're our Foes shall hope to win the day
Therefore let us march with speed away.
Hark, I heat the Trumpets sound,
We shall be all with Conquests Crown'd;
Let all my Foes brag and boast,
Victory and Triumph shall ride through the Host
Glory and Fame shall then proclaim   
The Actions of a warlik valiant Dame;
If Foes draw nigh, I'le scorn't to Fly,
But with my dearest Love I'le live and dye.


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Probable date of publication: 1700   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(026)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Valiant Jockie: His Lady's Resolution'
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