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Broadside ballad entitled 'He's or'e the Hills and Far Away'


An Excellent New Ballad.

He's ore the Hills and far away,

To its own Proper Tune.            

I Must o're Lands and Seas repare,
face summers. Suns & Winters glare,
Rude Hurry Canes I must endure,
Never wake, nor Sleep, nor rest secure,
Where savage moors makes their abode
And Humans foot have never trode;
There I perhaps whose years must stay
While she I love is far away.
Where savage moors make their abode,
And Humane foot have never rode,
There I perhaps whole years must play,
while she I love is far away.

But I will leave my Heart behind;
With her that was to me so kind,
And if I stand, or if I fall,
she'l keep it soft and so save all.
should goddesses the Gils require
I'le not give Ear to their Desire.
My Dearest Love I'le not betray,
Though she from me be far away.
Should Goddesses. &c.

Oft to alay my Killing Smart;
If she give me Heart for Heart;
Should I be toss'd from shore to shore,
Where Tempests rage and Billows roar?
Should I in lowly Woods remain,
Where Might and Honour ne're reign?
Where no Eye ne're saw the day,
I will not think her far away
Should I in lewly Woods, &c.

Thus I will still where e're she be,
Assoord my chearful Companie;
In the dark she will prove a Light,
In Pleasures add to may Delight,
In Grief my Sorrow she will cure,
In Danger from base Fear secure;
Thus with my Soul she'l ever stay,
Though from my Eye she's far away.
In grief &c.

And if Fate heerken to my Prayers;
She'l hasten home to quench my Tears
Then on the Wings of Love I'le fly
At Cupids Arrows through the Sky;
No Power shal e're Severe us more,
Should Malice split and Envy roar,
Should all the Gods my words gain-say
She ne're More shall be far away,
No Power shal &c.

Hold, rash tongue; thou dos blasphere,
What hath been once may be again.
The Angry Gods may Change her heart
And Wound it with another Dart;
Another Object her may move
Or she perchance may cease to love,
Then thou must needs with Sorrow say
I wish her not farthter away;
Another Object &c,

No no, she is as True as Fair;
She'l never cease for me to care.
Her soul's unspotted as hear Face,
No Fraud can dwel with so much Grace.
But if she must Unconstant prove.
If she must once forebear to Love.
Strike me with thunder, Heav'ns I pray
Ere farther I wish her away,
But if she must, &c.

For suer she could resolve to Dy,
And to tbese Shades below to Fly;
I could encounter Fire and Sword,
And all the Plagues Earth can afford
I'd chuse to suffer any thing
That Misery or Death can bring;
Before I Live to see the Day
When she must farther be away,
Id chuse to suffer any thing,
That Misery or Death can bring,
Before I live to see the day,
When she must farther be away.

                   F I N I S.


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Probable date of publication: 1701   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(018)
Broadside ballad entitled 'He's or'e the Hills and Far Away'
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