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'mm 6 v
Of the Appfetojding two Peribns fuppofed to be the
^ Dublin Auguft 6th* \6%%y
Here hap^ jied a Pallage here lately, no lels Un*^
fortunate than Divertive • and no lefs Plealant
than Rea] j I wifli for the fake of all fugitives
and Traytors, that there were no lels Miftake in the
Thing, than is Truth in the Relation.
Yefterday there arrived tvlp Gentleitien at a place called
Mallahide\0Fingd within feveal^liles of: publin. They
were w€ll Arrni d with gopd*;Sl^rd3 ;4nd%-Four!^afe of1.
Piftols, Two whereof they carryed in thej^Pockets.
The Town affording but little ■ AccornOliation ^They
Went to Lusk • the Countrey People^ all the Way makmg
their Oblervatipns upon them , as two v of the Gayeft
'People they had feen for a long time at ^fallabide. The
f ne being a Young, Comely, Tall, Proper, Black Gentle-
tnan, they began to make their Conftruilions that they
' vere fome of the Goody-hangs in the (proclamation that had
r led out of England : One faid it was Armftrong, anothep
the Lord Gray ^ but moft fotthe proportion of his;PM^>>;
the ConMinefs of his Perfbn, and the Majefty of. his
fence, concluded it to be the Duke of Monmouthy andttfe
other the Lord Gray who Attended .him ■ in the nature fSP
his Man. They had no fboner gone into the Houfe t6
Refreflith^mfelyes, but Cpnfultation was held which^ay
t6 Surprize ^hem^npt fb muchotit of any hopes ofReWaid,
as true Inftind: pf Loyalty to fecure ^Traytory which to a
Sheep-ftealer is the next thing they abominate in that Cou&
try; Ai laft fix * of the moft Adventurous, Daring and
moft-Refblute-j-rdblv'd to Afiault them. But confiderihg
theReward waf/5 bo Pounds, and they fix in number, it
:: bred.

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