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Women's Auxiliary Air Force — contd.
Assistant Section Officers —
Ross, Miss Rosemary Sheila 22 June
Stephenson, Miss Letitia 22 June
Arengo-Jones, Mrs. Gillian 22June
Wiltshire, Miss Marjorie 22 June
Atherley, Miss Pauline Antoinette
Hyacinth 29 June
Ayton, Miss Elizabeth Hampshier. . 29June
Axton, Miss Joyce Stapylton 29 June
Bainbridge, Miss Norma Dorothea 29 June
Barnett, Miss Nanette Mary 29 June
Casey, Miss Madeleine Anne 29June
Caudwell, Mrs. Marjorie 29 June
Charles, Miss Sybil Mary 29 June
Davis, Miss Neville Ursula Campbell 29June
Dodsworth, Miss Mollie Kathleen. . 29 June
Evershed, Miss Pamela Mary 29 June
Fyfe, Mrs. Charlotte 29June
Goldsbrough, Miss Marie Shotton. . 29 June
Graham, Miss Monica Mary 29June
Livingston, Mrs. Ethel Anne 29June
Nash, Miss Dorothy Joyce Graham 29June
Orde, Miss Joy Winifred 29June
Parry, Miss Margaret Lyell 29June
Paterson, Mrs. Joyce 29 June
Perkin, Miss Gwendoline Joan 29June
Pierce, Miss Felicity Margaret Acton 29 June
Ralphs, Miss Beatrice Alice 29 June
Ryan, Miss Kathleen Mary 29June
Thompson, Miss Anne Jocelyn. . . . 29 June
Tyrrell, Miss Dorothy Margaret . . . 29June
Chawner, Miss Moira Uuly
Ford, Mrs. Margaret Wallace Wright Uuly
Lister, Miss Daisy Beatrice Uuly
Marsh, Miss Maude Joy Uuly
Mould, Miss Rosemary Dorothy Uuly
Robertson, Miss Ruth Mary Uuly
Rossborough, Mrs. Irene Jessie. . . . Uuly
Shields, Miss Margaret Fergusson. . Uuly
Sibley, Mrs. Dora Uuly
Young, Mrs. Margaret Madeleine.. Uuly
Allen, Miss Ruth Marion 6 July-
Blanc, Miss Rene'e Mary 6 July
Bruce, Miss Eileen CJuly
Connolly, Miss Jane Margaret
Bloomfleld 6July
Dare, Miss Damaris Primrose Lena. CJuly
Dawes, Miss Elizabeth Olive 6July
Everard, Miss Mary Joan CJuly
Fergusson, Miss Frances Cecelia. . . . 6 July
Forbes, Miss Brenda Katharine. . . . CJuly
Forbes, Miss Joan CJuly
Galloway, Miss Margaret de
Villeneuve CJuly
Kyrke, Miss Elizabeth Venables. . CJuly
Lawley, Miss Kathleen May CJuly
Lecky, Miss Barbara Wellesley CJuly
McCulloch, Miss Janet Hilda CJuly
Macrae, Miss Helen Isabel CJuly
Maxted, Miss Hannah Clare CJuly
Milne, Mrs. Mary Isobel CJuly
Moore, Miss Marjorie Jessie CJuly
Neven-Spence, Miss Margaret
Sunniva CJuly
Norcock, Miss Pamela Mary CJuly
Peek, Miss Shirley CJuly
Preston, Miss Margaret Florence. . . CJuly
Sims . 31iss Nancy Margaret Graeme CJuly
Whitehead, Miss Katherine Howard CJuly
Backhouse, Miss Jean Patricia .... 13 July
Baker, Miss Winifred Gertrude 13July
Barnes, Mrs. Jessie 13 July
Barrett, Miss Nora Elizabeth 13 July
Boole, Miss Jean Margaret 13 July
Campani, Miss Evelyn Phyllis 13 July
Charles, Miss Pauline Heather 13 July
Dickens, Miss Joan 13 July
Donisthorpe, Miss Patricia Sabina. . 13 July
Duncan, Miss Margaret McTavish . . 13July
Gemmell, Mrs. Mary 13July
Hartford, Miss Yvonne Hermione
Barbara 13July
Hipkins, Mrs. Thyrza Alys Mary.. 13 July
Lambert, Miss Beatrice Mary 13 July
McKeachie, Miss Moira Scott 13 July
Marshall, Miss Mavis Doreen 13 July
Munn, Miss Joan Alma 13July
Rich, Miss Nancy Stephens 13July
Robertson, Mrs. Diana Joy 13 July
Slessor, Miss Florence Margaret. . . . 13 July
Stevenson, Miss Annie Ailsa 13 July
Turnbull, Miss Hester Mary 13July
Utterson, Mrs. Kathleen Elizabeth 15July
Vancourt, Miss Marjorie Brenda. . 18July
Anderson, Miss Dorothy Ethel .... 20July
Bradford, Miss Diana 20 July
Burghes, Miss Margaret MacLeod. . 20July
Cardus, Bliss Margaret 20July
Cookson, Miss Sonia 20July
Cryer, Miss Rose Irene 20July
Curnow, Miss Kathleen Elizabeth. . 20July
Donald, Miss Jean Hazel 20 July
Fleming, Miss Hellen Seath 20 July
Hearth, Miss Florence Betty 20July
Herbert-Smith, Miss Cynthia Mostyn 20July
Hill, Mrs. Muriel Haviland 20July
Hindle, Miss Evelyn Margaret 20July
Howe, Mrs. Vera Dumville 20July
Huntly, Miss Elizabeth Joan 20July
Im Thurn, Miss Rosemary. Belle . . 20July
Lucas, Miss Bridget Wybray Mary 20July
Myer, Miss Daphne 20July
Nicholls, Miss Beatrice Isabelle
MacPherson- Grant 20 July
Palmer, Miss Ursula Eleanor 20 July
Pattison, Miss Emily Rosemary. . . . 20 July
Payn, Miss Joan Mary 20 July
Pirie, Miss Theresa Ainie 20July
Reade, Miss Isobel Mary 20July
Reid, Miss Joan 20 July
Ridsdale, Miss Faith Margaret. . . . 20 July
Shedden, Miss Peggy June 20 July
Slater, Miss Florence Lilian 20July
Veevers-Carter, Miss Elizabeth 20July
Wetherall, Miss Winifred 20July
Wherry, Miss Margaret Evelyn
Kerkhan 20 July
Bird, Miss Madeline 27 July
Blockey, Miss Pamela Gorham .... 27 July
Chadwick, Mrs. Eileen B,hoda.... 27 July
Charlton, Miss Diana Mary 27 July
Corke, Mrs. Mary 27July
Cuming, Miss Daphne Florence Anna 27July
Deall, Mrs. Dulcie 27July
Dickinson, Miss Gabrielle Yvonne . . 27 July
Edwards, Mrs. Joan Margaret 27July
Edwards, Miss Joyce r 27 July
Ellis, Miss Ann 27 July
Fawcett, Miss Joyce Mary 27 July
Fowles, Miss Ayleen Mary 27 July

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