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Hfa Medical Officer, the Chadwick Gold Medal and Naval Prize ;f
[if any other Officer, the Shadwell Testimonial Prize.f
Gold Medal awarded to the Surgeon who obtains the highest number of
marks of his entry in the London and Haslar examinations combined.
(In the case of Officers entered after 1910 this mark is only inserted if at
least 75°/^ of the maximum marks is obtained in these examinations.)
[HT] ._ Harold Tennyson Memorial Prize.f
fGold Medal awarded periodically by the Sovereign to the Cadet who.
[KM] ... j during his period of training, exhibited the mott gentlemanlike
[ bearing and good influence among the Cadets.
[R] .- Ryder Memorial Prize.f
[E] ... Commander Egerton Prize.f
[M] ... Ronald Megaw Memorial Prize.f
[O] ••• Ogilvy Medal.f
[RR] ••• Robert Roxburgh Memorial Prize.f
m ... Medal for War Service.
* ... before the name of an Officer — authorized to wear a Foreign Order on
all occasions.
** it> after the name of an Officer of the Military Branch — awarded the
Beaufort Testimonial and the Wharton Testimonial
with Gold Medal [since 1907). f
f after the name of an Officer of the Military Branch— awarded the
Beaufort Testimonial (previous to the institution of
I the Wharton Testimonial.)^
~i „ of an Engineer Officer — awarded tbe Newman
Memorial Prize.f
i ' ,, of a Medical Officer — awarded Sir Gilbert Blane's Medal. t
\E) >~after the name of an Officer— obtained his Lieutenant's Commission
for Meritorious Examination at the Royal Naval College subject to
the provisions of Circular No. 19 C, of 21st June, 1865, No. 28 C.
of 14th March, 1874, or No. 1 N, of 1st February, 1884 ; or was
promoted to the rank of Lieutenant 6 months from date of seniority
as Sub-Lieutenant, under Art. 309a of the King's Begulations.
t For condition* of award, see pp. 2333-4 Quarterly Nary List.

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