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182 CORMORANT. (Po.)
Late Sloop.
1,130 lont.
Guns — 6-3 pr.
Vice- Admiral ....SirHeathcoat S. Grant,
KCMG. CB (act) 19Junel7
(Senior OJHeer and in Charge of all H.M. Naval
Establish'mentt at Gibraltar.)
( Will be relieved by Acting Rear-Admiral Sir
Reginald Y. lyrwhiit, kcb, dso, 5 July 19.)
Personal Appointments.
Secr«tary William S. Skinner.. .19 Junel7
Flag Lieut.- Com.'Eric C. Neligan
(emerg.) 19 Junel7
Flag Lieut Philip L. Neville 7 June 19
Captain Walter B. Woodward,
DSO 27 Aug 18
Lieutenant Frank Terrill 5 Sept 17
(For Gunnery Duties.)
Eng. Capt David J. CarrUthers,
CBE 19 Nov 18
Major B.M Ernest G. Ctieesman 17 Feb 19
{For W.r. Luties.)
Edward H. B. Eves
(Cict) 11 Oct 18
(For Duty with G.S.O. (N) tempy)
Capt.R.M. VyvyanC.M. Ke'sey 7 Mar 19
(Gen. Stalt Officer. Ind Grade)
Clerk to Sec. Herbert E. H. Vaughan
27 Dec 17
Frank M. Hall 25Junel8
EiohardJ.Sharp(BNE)17 Aug 17
Paym.Sub-Lieut-'Bria.n O'F. Gregory
(act) 18Aug 17
(For Duty in S.K.O's. Office)
Ch. Gunner (T)Coriielius W. King— May 19
Artif. Eng Harold L. Cantwell ...28Junel7
(To assist Eng. Capt.)
Maintenance ) _, . „
Captain j J^^nest Stevenson (act,29 Dec 17
Eng. Com. Courtenay M. Weeks 1 Jan 16
Paym, Capt John T. Wright (aci!.)30Mar 17
Surg. Litut. .Alfred W. North 24 Sept 17
Ch. Gunner Frank B. Lowman 11 Feb 19
George W. Johnson... 1 Jan 16
Ch.Artif.Eng. ..William Standen 29 Aug 16
Boatswain John Whitburn 27 July 18
(^for Mail Duties.)
Frederick J. Collins. ..16 June 19
(For Q.D. Duties.)
Arthur E. Harris ...27 Dec 16
Ernest Jupp 16 June 19
Wt.Shipivright., UMry B. Chappell 12 Sept 18
Wt. Writer William G. CumminslS Sept 18
The following Officers are borne at additional for
various services : —
For Shipping- Duties.
Lieut-Corn. \ James D. Irving(ret.)... 1 May 19
R.I\r. R. i (S. CO.- Oran ')
Lieut. R.N.R.... Herbert W. d. Grist.. ..2b Feb 18
William Storrie 24 Oct 18
Lieut. R.N.V.R.Gilbert T. Suan 1.3 Mar 19
Paym.Lieut.^ \ ^-nn^j^ -p. Scott (act) 6 Jan 18
Paym. Sub- } James J. F. Browne.... 7 June 18
Lieut.R.N.R. S (Asst. to S. CO. 'Oran')
For Special Duties.
Commander Ernest Hamilton-Bate
(act) — May 19
(Superintendent of Chart and Chronometer
Eng. Com Philip D. Churchy 28 Nov 18
(I'or Torpedo Sub-Depot.)
Major Ti.M. Charles H. Maiden I.''. June 19
(0/ficer-in-Charge of High Pouer
W/2' Station) '
M.Ci Chaplain... Tiev, Sebastian Gates
{act) .. ...«•<. 3 Aug U

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