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Patrons : —
His Most Gracious Majesty King George V.
Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Mary.
Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Alexandra, Queen Mother.
Her Royal and Imperial Highness the Duchess of Saxe-Coburg and i
Gotha, Duchess of Edinburgh.
President— Admiral of the Fleet The Hon. Sir HEDWORTH Meux, G.C.B.,
K.C.V.O., M.P.
President of Ladies' 1 Committee — Hon. Lady Meux.
Hon. Secretary of Ladies" Committee —Miss A. Chads.
Secretary — Paymaster-in-Chief W. G. E. Penfold, r.n., Retired.
THE object of the Institution is to provide for the fatherless children of our Seamen and
Marines a useful and religious education, according to the principles of the Church of
England, and to support and clothe them as far as the Funds will permit.
Numbers of such children are found in our Naval Ports, surrounded by all that is distressing
in povertv aud vicious in morals.
In the Female Orphan Home there are 113 girls dependent on the funds of the charity
(eligible f.or admission between the ages of seven and ele\en years) who are entirely maintained,
clothed, and educated ; and who, under the guidance of a careful matron are subject to a
course of industrial trainim? to qualify them for domestic service.
Besides these there are in the Home 30 girls, whose maintenance is paid for from the funds of
Greenwich Hospital ; and four from the Royal Patriotic Fund, those sent in each case being
admissible according to the Rules of the Institution.
There are 36 boys also, maintained from the Funds of the Home, at Swanley in Kent.
The Directors depend on voluntary contributions for funds to carry on the Institution. The
number of children they can receive depends upon the amount of their Funds. They therefore
confidently appeal to the charitable for help in carrying on and extending these works of
usefulness, and rescuing from want and misery the fatherless children of those who have served
their country, and who, iu many cases, whilst thus engaged, have lost their lives in war, or by
stoim, shipwreck or disease.
Visitors are earnestly invited to view the Institution, which is open daily tor inspection
from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m., Saturdays excepted.
The only Professional Institution open without Ballot to all Officers
of the Navy, Army, and Auxiliary Forces.
It contains the best Professional Library in the United Kingdom ; an
excellent collection of Maps and Charts : a Reading Room provided with the
leading papers, periodicals, and writing materials ; Museum in Banqueting
House adjoining, also a theatre in which lectures upon professional subjects,
followed by discussions, are frequently given.
Terms of Membership.
Annual Members, £1 1 on entrance, £110 annually.
Life member - - _= z £15
The Journal of the Institution, published quarterly and sent to all members
post free, contains the lectures given in the theatre ; also other papers on
professional subjects, notices of books, &c".
Gentlemen joining on or after the ist October are not charged the
following year's subscription.
For further information apply to the Secretary.

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