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Lloyd's Patriotic Fund.
(Established in 1803.)
This Fund is administered by Trustees under a scheme approved by the*
Charity Commissioners, in whose name the Capital is invested.
The Trustee* give assistance to Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, disabled
on active service and discharged " medically unfit " in consequence, accord-
ing to their needs — as far as funds permit.
The Trustees also make Donations renewable annually at their discre-
tion to the Widows, Orphans, and Dependent Relatives of officers and men
of the Army, Navy and Marines, who are killed in action, or whose deaths |
are attributable to the service.
In addition to the above distribution of these Funds, the Trustees
have purchased 99 Presentations to the following Naval and Military
Behoofs and Orphanages.
Royal School for the Daughters of Officers of the Army or Marines —
Royal School for Naval and Marine Officers' Daughters — Twickenham.
Royal Hospital School for the Sons of Seamen, R.N. and Marines —
Soldiers' Daughters' Home — Hampstead.
Royal United Service Orphan Home for Girls (for the Orphan
Daughters of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines) — Devonport.
Applications and inquiries should be addressed to the Secretary, Major T. B.
Tnglis (late R.A.). who will be very pleased to receive subscriptions on behalf
of the Fund. CJieques and Postal Orders should be crossed " Union of London
and Smiths.'"
Note. — The Lord Mayor has handed over to the Trustees of this Fund for distribution
all contributions to the Tiansvaal War Fund which are marked as intended for
* Disabled Soldiers and Sailors,"

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