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Under the sole management and control of Officers of Executive
Rank who have held commissions in H.M. Navy.
Patron :
Trustees :
Comdr. H. F. C. Cavendish, R.N.
Comdr. (tempy.) Sir A. Trevor Dawson, Kt., R.N.
Comdr. the Hon. Gerald Digby, R.N.
Chairman of Committee :
Comdr. (Act.) Sir G. E. Armstrong, Bart., R.N.
Hon. Treasurer :
Comdr. Alfred H. Tarleton, M.V.O., R.N., Breakspears, Uxbridge.
Secretary: Lieutenant-Commander John G. Neligan, R.N.
Office: 25, Victoria Street (South Block), London, S.W.
Telephone No. : — 6355 Victoria. Telegrams :— Enabling. Vic, London.
Hours of Interview: — 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Saturdays,
10.30 a.m. to 12 noon.
The Agency is formed for the purpose of finding employment for
discharged Seamen, Stokers, and others of the Royal Navy and Royal
Marines, of unquestioned good character.
Subscriptions and Donations, which are urgently required, will be
acknowledged by the Hon. Treasurer, or may be sent to the Bankers
of the Agency, Messrs. Woodhead & Co., 44, Charing Cross, S.W.
A Motor and Training School is carried on in connection with the
Agency at Portsmouth. Reliable chauffeurs are supplied from there.
All information can be obtained on reference to the Secretary, or
to the Branch Offices, as under : —
•PORTSMOUTH— Comdr. Andrew Davies, R.N., Navy Employment
Agency Motor School, Twyford Avenue, Sramshaw.
•PLYMOUTH— LieutJ.-Com. C. H. Woodward, R.N , 65, St. AuDyn
Street, Devonport.
•CHATHAM— Mr. Day, late R.N., Navy House.
♦MANCHESTER— Lieut.-Com. H. F. D. Jelf, R.N., 2, Mount Street,
(Office No. 9).
•BRISTOL— Lieut.-Com. R. W. Kiddle, R.N., 28, Baldwin Street,
(Third Floor).
ABERDEEN — Commander I. Haywakd, R.N.R., Hon. Agent, Mercan-
tile Marine Office.
•LEEDS DISTRICT— Hon. Agent Lieut.-Com. (Act.) H. L. Cheston,
R.N., Clarendon House, Boston Spa, Yorks.
The King's Harbour Masters at Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Malta,
Bermuda, Cape of Good Hope, Sydney, N.S.W., and Wei-hai-wei.
And the Naval Agent, Victoria Arcade, Colombo.
Applications can. also be made to the Recruiting Staff Officers and
Naval Recruiting Officers throughout the United Kingdom.
During the War, the operations of the Navy Employment Agency, acting for, and with the
assistance of, the Friendly Union of Sailors' Wives, will be extended to finding employment, free
of all charge, for the widows and dependent mothers of Blue.iackets and Marines who have lost
their lives or become totally incapacitated.
All applications should be made to the Secretary of the Navy Employment Agency, 25, Victoria
Street (South Block). London, S.W. .personally or by letter marked— "Widows' and Mothers' Branch."
" Branch Office temporarily elosod ; all applications should be made to London Office.

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