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Director of Naval Construction. -B. H. Tennyson d'Eyncourt, Ksq., C.B.
Director of Dockyard* and Dockyard Work— Sir James B. Marshall, k.o.b
Senior Staff, Admiralty.
Richards, A. E. (Assistant
Director of Naval Con-
Berry, W. J. (Assistant Director
of Naval Construction).
(lard, W. H., m.v.o. (Assistant
Director of Naval Construc-
Pledge. Henry (Asst. Director of
Naval Construction( aci)(temj>. )
Apsey, G. M., Bosyth.
Apsey, John, Portsmouth. (Mana
ger. Constructive Dept.)
Attwood, E. L. (act) London.
Bate, E. R., London.
Boy land, S. E. (act) London.
Carter, W. H. (act) London.
Cole, W. G. , Sheerness.
Croxford, C. H. (art) London.
Dally, T., London.
Ball, G. H., London.
Blandford, H. J.G. (Overseeing)
Bryant, F., London.
Bulkeley, G. (act) London.
'Campbell, C.l.R. (act) (London)
Cluett.A.W. A. (act) Portsmouth
Coast, E. F. (act) Chatham.
Cock, E. (act) Cromarty.
Dennis, R. J., London.
Gillingham, J. S., Portsmouth.
Goodall, 8. V. (act) London.
Goodyear, C. E., London.
Goodyear, P., Devonport.
Grimshaw.R. J. (act) ftivergordon.
Hall.C. G., Malta.
Hannaford, C. (act) London.
Harries, E. B. (act) London.
Webb, H. J. (Superintendent of
Dockyard Branch at Admir-
Chief Constructors.
Furze-Morrish, S. W. F.,
Hockaday, W. T., Devonport
(Manager. Constructive Dept.)
Johns, A. W. (act) London.
Maginness, E J., m.v.o ,
Chatham (Actg. Constructive
Milton," J. D., Pembroke Dork
Whiting, W. H. C.B. (Superin-
tendent of Construction
Accounts and ContractWork)
Munday, C. P. (act) London.
Sarbeth, J.H. .M.v.o. ,London.
Ollis, F. B. (Manager, Con-
structive Dept.). Special
Palmer, P. (a-t) Invergordon.
Pearce, E. A. J. (act) London.
Pet hick, P. L. (act) London
Pine, W. T., Malta (temp.)
Constructors in London arid at the Dockyards.
Hobson, A. J., London. Payne, M, P., London.
John, W. C, Devonport. Payne, O. A., London.
Joughin, J. C. (act) London Rogers, J. London.
King-Salter, J. J. (lent for duty Sanders, W. G. (act) London.
under Australian Govt ) j Scott, C. (act) London.
Knight, C. W., Chatham (Actg. , Stansfeld, L. D. (oat)
Senior Constructor).
Lake, R. (act) Portsmouth.
Lillicrap, C, Gibraltar.
Ludford, G. F. (act) London.
McCammon, G. W. R. (act)
MacDermaid, N. J., Devonport.
Martin, W. .7., London.
Mason, W. T. (act) Devonport.
Mathias, T. L. (act) London.
Mayer, P. L. (act) London.
Stfcd, F. H. (act) Chatham.
Suter.G.E., M.v.o. , Portsmouth.
Tickner, S. R. (act) Bosyth.
Walker, J .¥.(act)Haulbowline.
Watson. A W. (act) London.
Wood, H. B. (act) London.
Woollard, L. (act) London.
Adams, A., London.
Bassett, G. A. (Overseeing).
Bell, C. D. J., Hong-Kong.
Bentley, T. H., London.
Butt, C, Portsmouth.
Cannon, A. (act) London.
Carter, C. M., London.
Charig, B. B., London.
Child, G. H., London.
Curphey, E. 8. (Overseeing).
Dippy, J. W., London.
Evans, H. B. W. (Overseeing)
Froude, W., Haslar.
Bartlett, J. L. (Overseeing).
Cole, Albert P., London.
Davies, W. J. A. (Iron Duke).
Forbes, W. A. D., London.
Kennett.B.G., Portsmouth.
McCloghrie, G. (Sea Service).
Akester, A., London.
Angus, J., London.
Bion, C. W., London.
Ohampness, L., London.
Atsista7it Constructors, First Class, in London and at the Dockyards.
Hackney, G. (Overseeing)
Hickey, F., London.
Hopkins, C. J. W., London.
Horley, A. E. (Overseeing)
Hudson, G., Deronport.
Innes, J., London.
K'erridge, C. W. (lent for service
under Greek Govt.)
Lee, P.M. (Overseeing).
! Lillicrap, 0. 8., London.
■ McCarthy, 8. A. (Overseeing).
McQueen, J., London.
Mathias, J. E., Portsmouth.
Assistant Constructors, Second Class
May, H. (Sea Service)
Merchant, C. F., Greenwich |
College .
Moon, J.'E. P. (Sea Service).
Offord, D. E. J., H.M.S.
' Conqueror.'
Temporary Assistant Constructors,
Coskery, D. A., Tendon.
Davies, J. L., London
Evans, D. L., London.
Grahanj, T., London.
Mathias, L. T. J. (Overseeing).
Meryon, E. D. (Overseeing).
Nicholls, A. (Overseeing).
Noble, W. E. (Overseeing).
Payne, S., London.
Pether, R. P. (Overseeing).
Smith, W. (Overseeing).
Spanner, E. P., London.
Stantan.A.G. W., London.
Williamson, L. C, London,
Pfeiffer, H. S„ Chatham.
Rogers, F. C. C, London.
Shepheard, V. G. (Sea Service).
Stephens, A. K. (' Tiger').
Wallond.W. H.., Haslar.
W. R. Hockaday, London.
Paterson, G.McL., London.
Patterson, A. P., London.
Rouse, P. G., London, Bsqrs.
Temporary Acting Assistant Cot
Chase, G., London.
Laughton, W. J., London.
Stacey, H. P.
Eastcott, W. H., London.
Parmiter, P. J., London.
Taylor, A., London.
Craig, W. J.
Penney, G., London.
Wells, S. R., London.
Dickie, J. B.
Perkins, A. F., London.
Whiteway, G. H., London.
Fairley, R.
Philpot, H. P., London.
Hunnisett, G., London.
* Awarded Newman Memorial Prize (1899).
(The above-named Officers are arranged In alphabetical order in eaoh oUbb.)

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