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Major-General J. P. Da Cane, C.B 5 Dec 15
Brigadier-General W. St. C. Bland ,
8 Dec 15
Captain Cuthbert E. Hunter, R.N. ..,
Captain Ronald A.Hopwood.R.N
Col.N. B.Heffernan
Lt.-Col. M. S. C.Campbell, C.I.B., )
R. A. (Ordnance Consulting Officer >
for India) (ex-oflicio) J
Lt.-Col. Cecil A. F. Osmaston, R.M.A.
Lt.-Col. M. A. C. Crowe, R.A
Lt.-Col. C. W. Scott, D.S.O., R.A. ...
Lt.-Col. R. A. Craig, R,A. (Superin-
tendent of Research)
Major C. C. N6ott, D.S.O., R.A
Major J. T. Dreyer, D.S.O., R.A. .
Major R. A.. Thomas, R.A
5 Dec
5 Dec
5 Dec
5 Dec
9 Feb
6 Jan
11 Dec
5 Dec
9 Feb
7 Dec
7 Jan
Associate Members.
Brigadier-GeneralW.C. Savile.D.S.O. 5 Dec 15
Brigadier-General F. F. Minchin 5 Dec 15
Col. H. B. F. Goold-Adams, C.M.G.... 5 Dec 15
Col. H. C. L. Holden (ret) K.C.B.,
F.B.S 5 Dec 15
Col. Sir F. L. Nathan 5 Dec 15
Lt.-Col. A. W. Crossley, F.B.S 5 Dec 15
Sir -A. B. W. Kennedy, Kt., F.B.S.,
LL.D 5Dcc 15
F.W. Harbord, Esq., F.J.C 5 Dec 15
Sir A. G. Greenhill, Kt.,N..A., F.B.S. 5 Dec 15
Horace Darwin, Esq., F.R.S 5 Dec 15
G. H. West, Esq 5 Dec 15
Dr. Robertson, M. A., F.I.C 5 Dec 15
Dr. F. Lowry, F.B.S. 5 Dec 15
Professor J. Thorpe, F.B.S —
Secretary ....Major E. Tinker, ret. â– pay (Bes. of Oft.) 5 Dec 15
Naval Secretary Lieut.-Commander Ivor F. Chichester (ret.) 5 Dec 15
Presidtnt The Medical Director-General of the Navy.
Civilian Members Sir W. Watson Cheyne, 2?a?-<„ c.b.,ll.d.,m.b.,d.8c.,f.r.c.8.,f.r.i
Sir Dyce Duckworth, Bart., ll.d., m.d., f.r.c.p.
Professor W. J. R. Simpson, C.M.G., M.D., F.R.C.P.
Sir John Tweedy, f.r.c.s.
Naval Member Surgeon-General John J. Dennis, m.d.
Secretary Deputy Surgeon-General Daniel J. P. McNabb.
Members .,.,..
HHeretaty „.,
The Medical Director-General of the Navy,
.-•..,. ....... James Galloway, Esq., m.d., F.R.C.P., r.R.o.s. I -MafUninc
StVW. P. Herringham, m.d. , F.B./C.P. JJmeoicine.
L. A. Dunn, Esq., M<s.„ M.B., F.R.C.^. l Sur „ 6rv
J. Ernest Lane, Esq., f.b.c.s, /eurgery.
„ ....Deputy Surgeoc -General Daniel J. P. McKsbf».

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