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Director of i\avy Contracts.— Sir Frederick W. Black, Kt., C.H.
"Assistant Directors of Contracts. — J. R. Brotherton, Esq. (act), G. B. Cobb, Esq. (act),
W. St. D. Jenkins, Esq., P. Minter, Esq., H. Morris, Esq. (act),
C. A. Oliver, Esq., and A. W. Smallwood, Esq.
"Superintending Clerks.— 3. C. Clarke, P. Dale Bussell (act), F. F. Fisher (act), G. W. Hall (aot),
E. C. Jubb (act), W. H. Judson (act), and R. W. Wilson (act), Esqs.
* Contract Officers.
H. J. Allen, E. S. Bayliss (act), C. A. Beard (act), W. FerHman, W. G. Kynvin (act),
H. G. Law (act). W. MaRkay (act), H. W. Pillow, 11. F. Robertson (act). P. D. Sykes (act),
F. H. Taylor (act), and F. G. Young (act), Esqs.
Staff Clerk. — A. H. Purchase, Esq.
* Assistant Contract Officers.
E. L Bragg, K. F. Fitch, G. W. Lowe, C. R. Marriott, E. G. Neate, C. R. Ogle (act),
B. F. Pool, and Sydney Stanes, Esqs.
* Examiners.
Harold Ford (act), 3. E. Isaac (act), R. T. Jacob v, E. L. Micklewright (act), W. C. Raraage (act),
A. H. Rose (dot), B. W. Sheppard, F. H. Storey, and W. R. Torkington (act), Esq-i
F. S. Back (act), C. W. Bailey, E. G. Baker (act), G. Biggs (act), W. H. Brand (act),
G. E. Brooks (act), 3. H. Cave (act), A. Daston (act), A. V. 1'Yiche (act), James Hall (act),
G. Haly (act), A. H. Harris (act), H. D. James, C. W. Kirk (act), H. L. Lindsay (act),
T. G. May (act), P. Nunan (act), Herbert Olford, S. F. Pillow (act), J. A. Stansfield (act),
W. H. Taylor (act), and E. E. van den Broelc (act), Esqs.
2 Second Division Clerks, 56 Extra Clerks and 12 Boy Clerks.
Chief Inspector of Coal.— Eng. Captain John Jones (reid.) South Wales (Borne in 'President').
Inspector of Coal. — Eng. Captain George A. Haggarty (retd.) Newcastle (Borne in 'President').
Assistant Inspectors of Coal. — Eng. Lieutenant- Commanders.
Senior Visiting Inspector. — W. H. Strickland, Esq.
Visiting Inspectors. — E. Ludford and J. A. Stockwell, M.J.N.A., Esqs., Lieut.-Com. W. J.
Thompson, R.N. (ret.) (temp.), A. Lawrence, Esq., (temp.)
*The following gentlemen hare been appointed, or lent from other Departments, for temporary service
during the war :
S J, Arkwright. P. Bates, A. J. Edwards (Asst. Examiner, Patent Office), W. P. Fearon, M. F.
Gauntlett, C.I.E.J.C.S., E. H. Harvey, E. G. Hislop (Examiner E. is A. Dept.)., T. F. Howell,
F. A. Hughes (Asst. Examiner Patent Office), W. F. King, C. W. Lamport, A. T. Larter (Asst.
Examiner Patent Office), 3. B. C. Liddle (Asst. Examiner Patent Office), H. A. Moon (Inland
Revenue Dept.), W. H. Perry (Examiner, E. § A. Dept ), C. C. Potier, G B. Sansom (Consular
Service) and S. J. Seeker (Examiner E. <$• A. Dept.) Esqs.
The Admiralty Pattern Rooms in Loudon are at Queen Anne's Chambers, Broadway, West-
minster, 8.W., and those at Birmingham are at Great Western Chambers, Livery Street.
(23, Carlton House Terrace, S.W.)
Director of Greenwich Hospital.— C. H. R. Stansfield, Esq., B.
Clerk in Charge. — A. A. Rutter, Esq.
Assistant t» Clerk in Charge. — L. Stacey, Esq
Accountant. — A. W, J, Davies, Esq.
2 Second Division Clerks, and 1 Hired Assistant.
Solicitor for business of Greenwich Hospital. — James Gray, Esq.
Receiver and Agent for the Greenwich Estate. — Hon. Captain W. Warburton, R.E.
Receiver and Agent for the Northern Estates. — James J, Stokes, Esq.
(Royal Naval College, Greenwich.!
The Yen, Archdeacon Hugh Singleton Wood, D.D. (Chaplain in Ordinary to the King).
Staff Clerk. —John Hooper, Esq.
(See page 662.)
■* Arranged alphabetically in each class.

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