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* The undermeyiUotied gentlemen have been appointed
G. M. Allan, Esq. j R.
S. S. Barnaby, Esq. (Board of Agriculture and] J.
Fisheries). j
H.D.Bell.Esq. D.
C. P. Brown, Esq. R.
J. E. Campion, Esq. (Nat. Insce. Audit Dept.) , H.
H. T. Clarke, Esq. (Nat. Health Insoe.) ' E.
Gr A. Dyer, Esq. (National Debt Office). L.
J. Garland, Esq. (Patent Office). G.
G. D. Greenwood, Esq. W
D . Henderson, Esq. • H
C. S. Hooper, Esq. (Board of Agriculture and\ A.
■ Fisheries). j B.
G. V. Howell, Esq. (Inland Revenue), i R.
C. W. Hurcomb, Esq. (Gen. Post Office) '. A.
T. Jordan, Esq. (Registry of Friendly Societies). : J
C. E. W. Justice, Esq. (Public Works Loan Baard)\ H
N. A. Leslie, Esq. (Unpaid.) E.
A- W. Marshall, Esq. (Nat. Health Insce,) > G
or lent for temporary service during the war —
R. Martin, Esq. (Registry of Friendly Societies')
R. Moorey, Esq. (Board of Agriculture and
G. Owen, Esq. (Nat. Health Insce.)
A. Pitt, Esq. (Nat. Health Insce., Scotland)
R. Powell, Esq. (National Debt Office),
M. Raeburn, Esq.
H. Rider, Esq. (Inland Revenue).
A. Saunders, Esq.
. P. Scott, Esq.
A. Secretan, Esq.
Stewart, Esq. (Charity Commission).
Stovold, Esq.
W. Sturgeon, Esq. (Nat. Health Insce. Commn .)
H. Thorpe, Esq. (Nat. Health Insce.)
D. Walker, Esq.
. P. Whitworth, Esq.
G. Williams, Esq. (Charity Commission),
A. Workman, Esq.
Director-General— Surgeon-General Sir Arthur W. May, K.C.B., P.R.C.S., K.H.P.
(with the relative rank of Vice-Admiral, 11 May 13).
Deputy Director-General~-Surgeon-General George Welch.
( Deputy Surgeon-General Daniel J. P. McNabb.
Assistants to the Director-General— i Fleet Surgeon William L. Martin, P. R.C. S.I.
( Fleet Surgeon David W. Hewitt, M.B., P.E.C.S.
Fleet Surg. Ret. — Morris C. Langford.
(Borne in 'President')
Fleet Surgeon— Robert W. G. Stewart, M.B.
(Inspecting Medical Officer of Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth Staff.)
(Borne in 'President.')
Staff Clerk in Charge— T. B. Kennedy, Esq.
Staff- Clerks— W . Innes and G. A. Neilson, Esqs.
11 Becond Division Clerks, and 6 Assistant Clerks,
"Arranged alphabetically in each Hatfs

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