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Director of Victualling. — J. H. Brooks, Esq., O.B.
Assistant Director of Victualling.— 3 . W . H. Culling, Esq.
Suvenntending Clerks.*— A. G. Adams, F. J. A. Arch.W. 15. Clayton and W. E. Turner, Esqra.
Victualling Store Officers'*— J.M.Bailey (act;, and J. K. Tapp (act) (detached for Special Duties), Esqrs.
Deputy Store Officers.*— V . 1. Gehthorpe, J. Jolly (acting), and P. C. Smith, Esqrs.
Assistant Store Officers.*— f&. A. Ash (act), Herbert A. Broom, E. J. GiH, T. Hewson, and Herbert
F. Proctor, Esqrs.
Examiners of Store Accounts* — H. M. Culpin and W. R. Mulhern, Esqrs.
Assistant Examiners of Store Accounts*— J. C. Chittenden, H. J. Cock, S. H. Newman and
W. Weeden, Esqrs.
11 Victualling Yard Clerks, Third Grade, 11 Hired Writers, and 6 Eoy Clerks.
Director o) Transports— Graenie Thomson, Esq. (act.)
Naval Assistant Director of Transports. — Captain
HubertStansbury.R.N. (Retired)
Technical Adviser (act.)— II. E. Parlett, Esq.
Transport Officer \ Commander James T. Blake.
1 Fleet Paym. William M. C.
Beresford Whyte, C.M.G.
Chief Inspector of Sh if ping.
K. P. Burgess, Esq. (act.)
* Inspectors of Shipping.
F. H. Bevan, Esq.
W. E. Darroch, Esq. (act.)
Carpenter- Lieut.- Com. George Hickey, R.N .
3. W. Jack, Esq. (act.)
Carpenter-Litut.-Com. Charles R. Vincent, R.N.
(Retired) .
Robert G. Withell, R.N.
* Assistant Inspector of Shipping. —
L. W. Gubbey, Esq. (aot.)
H. L. J. Willson, Esq.
* Civil Assistant Directors of Transports.
E. J.Foley, Esq. (act.)
Robert Gear. Esq.
B. A. Kemball-Cook, Esq. (acj.)
J. A. Salter, Esq. (temp.)
(Asst. Secy., National Health Insurance
Commission. )
* Superintending Clerks,
G. C.'Duggau, Esq. (act.) (tempy.)
(Clerk, First Class, Chief Secretary's Office,
A. E. Faulkner, Esq. (act.)
h. F. Goldsmid, Esq.
H. W. Griffin, Esq. (act.)
W. G. Hynard, Esq. (act.)
D. T. Mnnteath, Esq. (act.) (tempy.)
(Junior Clerk, India Office.)
*Deputy Transport Clerks.
A. Alcorn, Esq. (act.)
i E. Bradden, Esq. (act.)
C. G. Copus, Esq. (act.)
D. Drysdale.Esq. (act.)
E. P. Fielden, Esq. (act.)
P. G. Glennie, Esq. (act.)
3. 3. Hayes, Esq.
F. Mallinson, Esq. (act.)
F. E. Parker, Esq.
John Spear, Esq.
> Walter Youngman, Esq.
'* Assistant Transport Clerks.
I A. J. W. Ashby, Esq.
1 B. H. Edwards, Esq.
H. C. Emmerson, Esq.
Leslie C. Hills, Esq.
B. I. Metcalfe, Esq.
- C. J. Ovey, Esq.
T. G. Parsons, Esq.
B. F. Picknett, Esq.
V. 3. Waller, Esq.
! C. H. Williams, Esq.
First Class Assistant, 2 Supervising Assistant Gtatl* 9 Assi, tant Olerkr, 6 Temporary Aslant, ,
♦ Arranged a Jpbabetloally in each class. ~\ Rorr* fo"» PnsUmt 7

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