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Accountant- General of the Navy.— Sir Alfred Eyles, K.O.B.
Deputy Accountant- General. — 0. J. Naef, Esq.
* Assistant Accountants-General. —
B. S. Croft (act.), T. D. James, William SaDger (act.), W. S. Sarel, and Frank Storr, Esqrs.
_ * Superintending Clerks
Bileliffe, Edward (act)
Boar. W. H.
Bruee, C. M.
Bryning, A. H. (act)
Comyns, A. C. (act)
Cunnison, Alexander.
Douglas, Alfred.
Drake, J. B. (act)
Pry, J. H. (act)
Gordon, F. G.
Lee, C. Bichards.
Meadowcroft, L. V
Medd, Wilfrid.
Nicks, Ernest.
Bain, H. B. (act)
Barber, J. B.
Barnes, E. A. O. (ant)
Blackwell, S. T.
Bloxham, W. E.G.
$Brade, W. K.V.
Cole, J. R. (act)
Ooombe, A. H.
Court, G. H. (act)
Davis, George,
^loig, William.
Eborall, Herbert (act)
Edwards, C. J.
Fisher, F. J. (act)
North wood, Arthur/
Nutt, F. G.
Painter, H. Francome
Papworth, P. W. (act)
Porter, Frank.
Smith, J. A. (act)
Southgato, C.J. (act)
Pat/master of Contingencies— Meet 1'aymasior Hugh S. Hall, li.i\
"Deputy Accounts Officers.
Foot.G.E. (Serving inH.N.D
as Hon. Fleet Paymr. R. A 7 ". V. ft.)
Fox, A. H. M.
Gant, W. R. P.
Gudridge, Frank (act)
Hall, E. F. (act.)
Hawes, W. O. (act)
Hean, W. J. (act)
Horsey, C. E.:(«c()
Houston, R. M.
Kerry, Arthur (act)
Maekay, W. A. (act)
McGregor, R.
Michell, R. P. (act)
Nichols, W. H.
Tippen, A. B. (act)
Warren, George (act)
Watling, A. B. (act)
Young, S. R. (act), Esqrs.
Partridge, S. J. (act)
Pearce, H. G. act)
Peirce, R. G. (act)
Phillips, Arthur
Pocock, G. R. (act)
Prentice, G. J. (act)
Robertson, W. H. (act)
Roome, Frederick (act)
Rowland, E. R. (act)
Saunders, W. H. (act)
Smith, A. G.
Taylor, Charles.
Thomas, F. T. (act)
Thorne, L. F. (act), Bsqrs.
Andrews, H. G.
tBarton, D.J. (act)
t Beamish, R. T. McC. (act)
I Birch, C.
Bishop, J. B.
Brennan, V. T. T.
Browne, W. T.
Cadman, W. L.
Caines, C. G.
Cairn-Duff, N.
Callow, W. B.
Carter, James.
Chappell, H. B
Connor, W. H.
Costello, L. A.
Culley, Arthur
Davies, D. H.
Davies, J. E.
Dawson, N. C.
Deane, A. N.
Denr, G. J.
Dodwell, C. M.
Bastoe, H. T.
Evans, D. F.
Evans, W. P.
Fairy, D, F.
Furficll, J. N.
Greenland, W -T. S.
* Assistant Accounts Officers.
Greenwood, Walter,
Grose, Philip.
Hancock, J.
Hart, S. A.
Hart, T. H.
Haworth, Gerald
Heath, H.
tHickey, R. M. (act)
Hooker, F. R.
Hopewell, G. F. C.
Horswell, B. W. •
James, J.
John, T. C.
Lane, S. F.
Lane, Thomas A.
Langford, W. F.
La uh am, E. W.
Lawson, J. H.
I.awson, L. E.
Mann.W. C. H.
Morris, J. D.
Mullan, J. E.
Osborne, F. W.
tOsborne, H. (act)
Patterson, S. A. H.
Pearson, F. W.
Pelling, E. H.
Podgor, F. H. J.
Pole, A. D.
I Price, C.J.
Pughe, Leonard.
Pugsley, H. W.
Ridlington, A. C.
Ries, C. E.
Robinovitch, Max
Koffway, James.
Rollin.T. C.
Bootes, R. C. -
Rudd, E. A.
Schafer, G. H.
Severs, Frank
Shipley, W. H. F.
Sibley, George.
Smith, S. G.
Sowry, Arthur.
Spear, W. G.
Stannard, E. C. F.
Stenner, C. R. .
Sykes, J. P.
Walklev, N. L. S.
Vvall.G. W.
West, H. T.
Westlake, R. H.
White, M. W.
Woods, R. C. F.
Wright, H. J.
Young, G. C, Esqrs.
12 Acting AssistantAccountsOfficers,113 SupervisingAssIstaiitClerks(97 acting), 1 ShorthandWriter
and Typist, 1 Supplementary Clerk, i59 Assistant Clerks, 23 Accountant Clerks, and 39 Boy Clerks.
Private Secretary to Sir Alfred Eyles— W. G. Spear, Bsq.
Clerks to Commissioners of Income Tax. — W. R. Brade and A. G. Smith, Esqrs.
The following gentleman has been re-entered for tempi/, service during the War .
B. U. Falkus, Esq.. I.S.O. (Keeper of Stationery and Printing, reld.)
* The clerical Btaff its arranged alphabetically in each class
£ Clerk Class I from former est abashment borne in lieu. + In lieu of confirmed officers of this rank*
Serving as Tempy. Lieut. R.N.Y.B,

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