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Engineer-in- Chief of the Fleet— $Eno. Vice-Admiral Sir Henry J. Oram, k.o.b., f.r.s.
Deputy Engineer-in- Chief— §Eng. Bear-Admiral G. G. Goodwin, o.B.
Eng. Rear-Admiral William J. Ansley.
i Eng. 'Rear-Admiral Edouard Gaudin.
Assistant Engineer! in Chief! Eng. Captain Francis H. Lister (tempi ij. detached).
[ §Gng. Captain Charles W. J. Bearblook (act) (temp.)
Engineer Inspectors.
Eng. Commander Arthur S. Crisp.
Eng. Commander John McLaurin.
Eng. Commander David J. Carruthers.
Eng. Commander Frederick Barter.
Eng. Commander Louis R. Croisdale.
Eng. Commander Arthur E. Hyne.
Eng. Commander Lionel M. Hobbs (lent from
R.N. Coll., Greenwich).
Eng. Commander John H. Jenkin.
Engineer Inspectors — continued.
Eng. Commander William H. Ham.
Eng. Commander Francis A. Gordon (tempi/)
Gnq. Commander John Hamilton.
Engineer Lieutenant- Commanders.
James J. Sargent. Stanley C. Church,
Leonard W. Curgenven.jErnest A. Archard.
Harold A. Brown Frederick J. Pedriok
Alfred Turner. Bertram W. Knott.
William S. Mann.
Enqineer Lieutenant.
Frederick R. G. turner.
Civilian Engineer- Overseer s.—W. G. Gibbons, C. Grey, and W. G. Mathews, Esqrs.
Examiners of Engineering Accounts— Edwin Gedye, Esq., and W. J. Stallion, Esq. (act).
1 Dockyard Clerk, Third Grade, 2 Hired Writers and 3 Extra Clerks.
Director of Dockyards and Dockyard Work.— Sir James B. Marshall, k.c.b.
For Special Service —
Eng. Rear- Admiral 'Robert Mayston, c.b.
Superintendent of Dockyard Branch—
H. J. Webb, Esq.
Manager, Constructive Department —
F. B. Ollis, Esq. (tempy). (For special
service. )
* Chief Constructors —
E. R. Bate, Esq. (add'l)
C. H. Croxford, Esq. (act) (tempy).
* Constructors —
F. Bryant, Esq.
W. T." Davis, Esq. (tempy).
R. J. Dennis, Esq. (tempy).
G. F. Ludford (act).
H. B. Wood (act).
(ret.) (tempy).
Eng. Rear-Admiral Charles Rudd (ret.\
Engineer Assistant to Director of Dockyards — j
§ Eng. Captain John W. Ham.
Engineer Assistants—
Eng. Commander Samuel P. Ferguson.
E. R. Langmaid, Esq.
Examiner* of Dockyard Work-
's. H. Harries, E. A. Lakey, J. D. Gibby (act), J. Ellis, W. L. Coles, F. Sanders,
O. Henwood (act) and J. A. Fage (act), Esqrs.
Clerical A<t?i«1miU » C - W - ^overidge Esq .
Clerical Assistants^ G c stanburV) Esq. (act
Visiting Inspectors of Timber— W. H. Hooper and Alfred James, Esqrs.
1 Dockyard Clerk, First Grade, 2 Dockyard Clerks, Second Grade, 7 Dockyard
Gierke, Third Grade, and 9 Hired Writers.
$ Borne in 'President.'
* Arranged alphabetically.

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