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Director af Naval Construction.
E. H. Tennyson d'Eyncourt, Esq., c.b.
Superintendent of Construction Accounts and
Contract Work.
W. H. Whiting, Esq., c.b.
Assistant Directors of Naval Construction.
W. J. Berry, Esq.
W. H. Gard. Esq., m.v.o.
H. Pledge, Esq. {act).
A.E. Richards, Esq.
Superintendent of Admiralty Experiment Works — R. E. Froude, Esq., c.b., ll.d., f.r.S.
Chief Constructors.
Assistant Constructors , First Class.
E. L. Attwood (act).
8. E. Boyland (act).
W. H. Carter (act).
T. Dally.
A. W. Johns (act).
C. P. Munday (act).
3. H. Narbeth, m.v.o.
E. A. J. Pearce (act).
P. L. Pethick
G. H. Ball.
G. Bulkeley (act).
C. I. R. Campbell (act).
S. V. Goodall (act).
C.E. Goodyear (tempi/)
C. Hannaford (act).
E. B. Harries (act).
A.. J. Hobson.
J. C. Joughin (act).
W. J. Martin.
T. L. Mathias (act).
P. L. Mayer (act).
M. P. Payne.
O. A. Payne.
J. Rogers.
W, G. Sanders (act).
C. Scott (act).
A. W. Watson (act).
L. Woollard (act) Esqrs.
A. Adams.
T. H. Bentley.
A. Cannon (act)
10. M. Carter.
B. B.Charig.
G. H. Child.
J. W. Dippy.
W. (Haslar)
P. Hickev.
C. J. W. Hopkins.
J. Innes.
C. S. Lillicrap.
J. McQueen.
S. Payne.
E. P. Spanner.
A.G.W. Stantan.
L. C. Williamson , Esqrs .
Assistant Constructors, 2nd Class.
A. P. Cole.
W. A. D. Forbes.
W. Bion,
A Coskery,
Temporary Assistant Constructors.
J. L. Davies.
L. Champness,
D. L. Evans,
T. Graham,
W. R. Hockaday.
G. McL. Paterson.B.A.
A. P. Patterson,
Temporary Acting Assistant Constructors.
. H. Eastcott (act)
. J. Craig.
B. Dickie.
R. Pairley.
G. Hunnisett.
W. J. Laughton.
P. J. Parmiter.
G. Penney.
A. F. Perkins.
H. P. Philpot.
H. P. Stacey.
F. C. C. Rogers.
W. H. Wallond
(Haslar), Esqrs.
P. G. RnUse, B.A.,
A, Taylor.
S. R. Wells.
G. H.White way.Esqr*
Inspecting Officer of Smiths' Work— E. T. Pearson, Esq.
Curator of Drawings — W. J. Moore, Esq.
Examiner of Construction Accounts — George H. Taylor, Esq.
Clerical Assistant — R. J. Wright, Esq. (acting).
2 Confidential Clerks (1 acting), 1 Clerk with technical knowledge, 3 Dockyard Clerks,
Third Grade, 5 Hired Writers, and 11 Extra Clerks.
Superintending Electrical Engineer.— C. H. Wordingham, Esq.
Electrical Engineer , Higher Grade. — A. D. Constable, William McClelland, Esq.
Electrical Engineers— H. Melville Ackery, J. S. Beddoe (act), F. C. Foister, M.I.B.K
A. G. Newington.W. P. Scott (act), and E. T. Williams, m.i.e.e., Esqrs.
First Assistant Electrical Engineers. — H. H. II. Green and J. Shaw (act) Esqrs,
6 Extra Clerks.
Examiner of Accounts — E. E. Rogers, Esq. (act) (temp).
For Royal Corps of Naval Constructors vide page 643.
I Professional Secretary to Director of Naval Construction.

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