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Hydrographer — Captain John F. Parry, K.N.
Assistant Hydrograpker— Captain Ernest C. Hardy, R.N.
Chief Civil Assistant— W . D. Barber, Esq., i.s.o.
Capt. (ret.) Cecil F. Oldham
Com. Bishop O. M. Davy
William T.P.Wilson (ret.)
Harold D. Warburg (act)
t Naval Assistants.
Lieut. -Com. Charles M. Gibson
John S. Harris
Lieut.- Com. Alan F. S. Gram
Archibald C.Bell
(In charge of Tidal Work.) | Francis May
Superintendent of Charts — Commander John D. Nares.
Superintendent of Sailing Directions. — Captain (act) Charles V. Smith (retired).
XChief Cartographers.— A. W. Codd, B.A..A. Gibson, B.Sc., addl.), F. H. Sharbau, and
Hugh H. Underhill, Esqrn
f J. Henry Aitken, David Hardie Harry Moody,
J. W.Atherton, ' (Tempy. Lieut. R.N.V.R.), H. H. Oakley, B.Sc.l
1 Cartographers . A J. A. B. Buck, B.Sc. £• £ j^ yes ' $E. C. Pratt.
I L. DeVille, j' E.McGegan, T ' J - Richmond, B.S<
I A. FoxCroft Gibson, M.D. C.M.Meade, ' G. B. Stigant, Esqrs
">taff Clerks— E. H. Chapman, Esq. (act), and W. M. Llewellyn, Esq.
1 Acting Minor Staff Clerk, 5 8econd Division Clerks, 4 Assistant Clerks, 11 Draughtsmen
and 5 Extra Clerks.
t The following gentlemen have been appointed or lent for temporary service during the War :
K. W. Ashborn (Geological Survey), J. O. Borley, M.A. (Bd. of Agriculture <Y Fisheries),
D. J. R, Edney (Rl. Observatory, Greenwich), G. H. Fowler,' B.A., Ph.D., F.L.S.,
M. J. Webster (Geological Survey), and W. N. Witchell (HI. Observatory,
Greenwich), Esqs.
Director of Navigation Captain Philip Nelson-Ward, m.v.o., r.n.
Naval Assistants— * Commander Guy M. Marston.
Commander Lewis T. L. Jones.
Staff Clerk — W. LiDdegreen, Esq.
1 Second Division Clerk, 1 Draughtsman, 1 Extra Clerk.
Director of Naval Equipment — Captain Clement Greatorex, C.B., M.v.o., r.x.
(Is also Naval Assistant to Third Sea Lord.)
Assistant Director of Naval Equipment — Captain Henry L. Cochrane, R.N.
Eng. Captain — (Retd.) Henry R. Teed. * Carpenter Lieutenant — Tbomas L. Soper.
1 Dockyard Clerk, 2nd grade, 2 Tempy. CJerks, 2 Lady Clerks, 1 Boy Clerk.
Superintendents of Contract-built Ships. —
i For CoDtract V> erk not inoluding Destroyers) en the
Captain Brian H. F. Barttelot, m.v.o. 1 Clyde—
( Address--3, Clyde View, Partick, Glasgow.
/"ForContiact Work (not including Destroyers) on the 1 !
Tyne, Thames, Mersey, at Earrow-in-Furnesu,
Captain Laurence E. Power, c.b., J and at Sunderland.
m.v.o., AdC I Address— 4, Eslington Terrace, Jesmond.
V. Neweastle-on-Tyne^
Superintendent of Torpedo Boat Destroyers building ly Contract.
Captain Cyril Asser, R.N. Address— 17, Victoria Street, B.W.
i i',,/, lain Christopbei P, Metcalfe, to s.o (ret.) * Commander Sydney B. Boyd-Richardson,
"Commander George H. H. Holden (ret.) nander Prank F. Rose, dso.
* Commands Voraun 8. Rashleigh. ^Commander James H. Dathan (ret.)
t Arranged alphabtUeally , ' Borne in 'Prtrtdtnt,' % Serving with, ihtArmy,

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